The first few days after delivering your baby are like a roller coaster. You experience so many emotions that you didn’t even know existed. For me one such different and difficult experience as a new mom was getting my baby vaccinated for the first time.

As a new parent the different vaccines, frequencies, time intervals to take them, their types, etc. are all sometimes so overwhelming. Painless, no pain, would it cause fever, is it optional or mandatory, should we give the optional ones –  there are so many questions that run through a parent’s mind. And with everyone having so many different opinions, it is often confusing for new parents.

I don’t want others to face the same dilemmas, so here’s something for all new parents to know about vaccines. 

Importance of vaccination

  • Vaccinations are important as they  have been made to protect against serious illnesses and complications 
  • They are safe for babies and very effective
  • They protect future generations by slowly reducing and eventually eradicating the diseases that they are meant to protect against

How should parents decide on the vaccine?

WHO prequalification

Parents should always opt for WHO prequalified vaccines and here’s why:

  • A trusted body, WHO provides a service to UNICEF and other UN agencies that purchase vaccines, to determine their acceptability.
  • They have an established procedure for the initial evaluation of candidate vaccines.
  • They also have a reassessment at regular intervals to ensure the continuing quality of vaccines.

Painless vs. Regular vaccine

Often when we go to the doctor, they ask us if we would want to opt for a painless vaccine or a regular vaccine. But how are they different or what is it that makes a vaccine painless? 

Vaccines are of 2 types, Whole cell and Acellular. Whole cell vaccines contain the entire organism that has been inactivated. These are the painful ones since they cause redness, swelling on the spot of the injection along with fever and agitation. The acellular vaccines, on the other hand, contain the purified component of the inactivated organism. These cause lesser pain and are baby friendly. 

Some precautions and baby care tips while getting vaccinated

precautions and baby care tips while getting vaccinated

Precautions and baby care tips while getting vaccinated

Here are some tips that will help them your baby be comfortable while being vaccinated for the initial few days after vaccination

  • Try to opt for combination shots when possible
  • Try and distract your baby while being vaccinated
  • Cuddle them immediately after vaccination
  • Feed them if they are very cranky
  • Use a cold compress on the area of vaccination  after vaccination
  • Ask your doctor for numbing or soothing creams

Making the correct choice of vaccines and proper care will surely ensure the vaccination process will be a comfortable experience for both the baby and parents. 

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