Sarees are the most timeless outfits and can be worn for almost every occasion. They make us women look and feel elegant and sensual at the same time. With the amazing choice of Designer Sarees these days we can shine in this wonderful garment.

But, there are some tips and tricks that one needs to keep in mind while choosing and draping a Saree to achieve the best results that you are looking for.

Choose the correct material of the saree

These days with so many designer sarees available we are really spoilt for choice. But choosing the right material for the saree is of utmost importance. It is what can make or break the look.

Stiff and fluffy fabrics like cotton, tissue, tussar, organza, and silks suit slim and petite body types since they add volume to your body. If you are on the heavier side then Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon sarees will accentuate your body type the best. Mysore silk is not too heavy and would be great for a heavy body type if you like silks

Borders as per your height

Shorter and petite women should opt for small borders and tiny prints whereas tall women can carry big borders and prints very well.

The Petticoat or underskirt

Since the petticoat is hidden under the saree, not much attention is paid to it. But this is the base of your saree and thus very important. Petticoats are available in different cuts and materials so opt for the one that suits you. A fish cut petticoat in crepe or lycra is best for heavy body types while A line cotton ones are best for the thin body types.

Make sure the petticoat is tied, not too tight but not loose either. It should end just at your ankles else there are chances of it peeking from below your saree. Also make sure of its color matching the saree as well as it should be well ironed.

The blouse

The blouse should be well tailored. A too loose or too tight blouse can completely ruin the look. Also if the saree is heavy opt for a simple blouse and a plain saree should be paired with a heavy blouse to make the look complete.

Pin up

Pinning up your saree properly is one of the simplest ways to be comfortable in it and move around freely, especially if you are not used to wearing one on a regular basis. Using proper sized pins – smaller ones where they could be visible and bigger ones to secure the pleats makes sure the saree is in place. Also, these days colored safety pins are available, so match it to your saree color for a proper camouflage.

The pallu

Carrying the pallu according to the occasion and type of saree also helps enhance the look. Cotton sarees look best when well ironed, starched and pinned up at the pallu. Chiffon, georgette, nets and flowing sarees look nice when left open at the pallu and flowing.

Shoes and saree length

Make sure you wear a nice pair of heeled sandals with the saree. Flats or even platformed wedges don’t go well with a saree. Open sandals with a block heel (for those who don’t like them high) or longer slimmer ones look the best.

Make sure to wear your shoes before draping your saree so you can adjust the length accordingly. Legs/ankles showing below the saree looks shabby and spoils the elegant look.

Keep in mind these simple tips while wearing a Saree and you are surely going to rock the look

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    I wore a saree during the annual function in my school.. 8-9 years back and it opened up while dancing 😂😂😂 you have shared Amazing tips to style a saree

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    Great and practical tips, Sabeeka. I love wearing saris and know how important it is to choose the one that goes with your body type to accentuate it.

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    These are actually very practical and helpful tips for choosing a right saree to get that look perfect. I am sharing it with a friend who’s about to get married

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    wow, this post is a guideline for someone who is new in saree draping game, mostly teenagers. You have covered each point so well.

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