Hot chocolate, cold nights, stars, warm blankets and lots of hugs and cuddles – that’s winter, my favourite season. Both my lil ones love the winters too. The best part for them is that it is a sign for their winter break at school and will allowed to play out mornings and evenings as well.

As with all seasons, winters too demand a special routine, especially for infants and toddlers. Here are some tips to help during winters and make sure they enjoy the season as much as you.

  1. Dressing: It goes without saying that dressing for winters is very important. Babies have very soft skin so instead of going for too much of woollen clothes, it is better to opt for multiple layers with soft cotton material directly in contact with the baby’s skin and the outer layers can be wool and warmer ones. Also, if you have a toddler who crawls or walks, make sure their hands and feet are covered. Grip mittens and booties are the best since they are non-slippery as well as protects them from the cold floors. A good cap covering the ears is important too when you are outdoors
  1. Diet: Winter months are when the appetite is at its best. So, this is the best time to introduce new foods to your baby. Have lots of soups, lentils, millet (bajra), fenugreek(methi) and other greens. Try to avoid cold juices, ice-creams, watermelon, curd etc especially in the evenings and night time.
  1. Hydration: Due to the winter weather one does not feel thirsty often, so make sure you remind your children to consume enough liquids so that they are hydrated. Less consumption of water could affect their bowels and cause constipation. Also, make sure that the water and juices if they consume are at room temperature and not cold.
  1. Dry skin: Dry skin is very common in winters, so make sure that you keep the baby’s skin well moisturised. Regular petroleum jelly or coconut oil or any baby lotions are the best and have the least amount of chemicals which might adversely cause harm to the skin. Apply the oil or lotion at least twice – once immediately after bath and the second just before bedtime. Increase the frequency if required.
  1. Chapped lips: Chapped lips are another very common occurrence in winters and with kids it is very difficult to decide on the product to use for this since the chances of it being consumed and ingested are very high. Personally, I use homemade ghee/coconut oil or glycerin for my babies to prevent chapped lips.
  1. Bathing: Along with the weather, bathing the baby very frequently with hot water contributes to the skin dryness, especially in the dry winters. Thus, you could shift your routine from daily baths to alternate days and make sure the water is not very hot but luke-warm. As mentioned above, make sure to moisturise immediately after bath.
  1. Diaper rash: Due to the multiple layers of clothing and warm clothes, the diaper areas become more prone to infections and rash. Also, the cold increases the urination frequency so make sure to monitor the diaper areas, increase the changing frequency and use a good diaper rash protection cream or coconut oil or whatever works for your baby.
  1. Vitamin D: Due to the weather, we often tend to spend more time indoors than normal and due to that exposure to sunlight reduces. Thus, make sure that whenever possible, even if indoors try to stay near the windows where you get sunlight or a small stroll in the mornings with the baby to get them some sunlight. Keep alert for any symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and consult and expert if you observe them.


Making sure that these simple and easy tips are followed will surely help in transitioning smoothly to the winters, especially for babies who will be experiencing their first or second winters and we will be able to enjoy this season and the holiday spirit to the fullest.


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    Though we don’t have peek winters in South India…dry skin and chapped lips is very common due to humidity….The tips by you sounds easy and easily available at home….will try them…

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    Great tips!! I always found the lighting so difficult with the kids as you’d get them into a routine and then the summer comes and the routine goes out the window because of the daylight hours and then comes along winter again and they are so confused by the time that they get over tired (as it’s dark so early) it’s bad enough for us parents let alone the kids. Thanks for sharing your tips .

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    These are great tips! I personally cannot wait for the first snowfall so that I can go play in the snow with my toddler! By the way, what is bajra?

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    A very informative post especially for new mums. I was feeling my lips are dry nowadays so now I have started putting petroleum jelly on the lips of my son too.

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    This is perfect for me since this is her first complete winter we will be spending in Doha. Last year we went back home during winter.

    So true about the mittens for crawling babies. But then mine just removes it and happy crawls on the cold floor l lol. I don’t even like my feet touching the cold floor let alone the hands lol

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