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We have all had those bad hair days when we wake up with completely messed up hair and no matter how much we comb it or try different styles – tying it up or braiding it or even going for the messy look. But nothing seems to work.

On such days, if there is a special occasion, then the bad hair becomes a complete mood dampener. After all, hairstyle plays an important role in making or breaking a look. In such times, different styles of hair wigs like the box braids, half wigs, weaves or ponytails and buns and their accessories are a great go to, to achieve that perfect look that you are aiming for

Here are some of the different hairstyles that can be achieved with the help of hair wigs and accessories that best suit special occasions

Theme parties

Getting the right look is most important for any theme party. You don’t want to look like a hippie if you are trying to pull off a retro look and vice versa. Thus using full or half hair wigs with waves, or braids or a puffed pony or bun are an assured way of being able to achieve that perfect look.


Weddings and the functions around them are another occasions when you want to look perfect. Be it your own wedding or that of someone in your family or a friend. Also, when the wedding is a big one with many functions, you want the look at each of them to be different as well as complement the function. Having a different hairdo for the different functions helps in achieving varied looks. Using full or half hair wigs or hair extensions help is achieving a perfect hairdo every time and also protects your hair from damage due to unnecessary hair styling products and processes.

Cocktail party

Cocktail parties, or formal events and get together are another avenue where you want to look your stunning best. Classy hairstyles like a French knot, buns, twists or braids help achieve the best look. But if you are having a bad hair day, or if you have a shorter hairstyle, using the wigs to achieve the perfect look as a great option.

These wigs come in many different styles to suit every occasion, hairdo and hair color and are available easily online at the BLACK HAIRSPRAY website which is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers a variety of wigs and hair care products.




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