It is Raksha Bandhan – A festival of India celebrating the brother sister bond traditionally. This now extends to celebrating the bond between siblings and sometimes includes their spouses too.

The sibling bond is a unique bond. I always tell my daughters that your sister is a “best friend” sent to you from God. My mom has six siblings, in different parts of the world. Yet they are so close. Not just after the internet has made it easier to connect, but I have been seeing it ever since I remember.  They’ve always known about happenings in each other’s lives, and been there for each other for almost every happy or sad occasion – not always in person but always in spirit. This bond truly inspires me.

While the sibling bond always remains special no matter what, sometimes it takes some effort to remain connected. Especially once we move out into our own homes, get married, have kids and our own friend circle. Here are some small reminders that will make sure you do not lose touch and help in connecting with your siblings – your special friends from God


Build a relationship with your sibling’s spouse

This is one of the most important things to help in connecting with your sibling post their marriage. Their spouse wants to feel welcome and be a part of the family. So, welcome them into your family without any bias. Even if you may be very different people, understand that they are the most important person in your sibling’s life. Include them in some of your “inside “jokes and stories and talk to them about your cherished childhood memories. If they feel included in your circle, they would not consider you a threat to their relationship with your sibling. This definitely makes things smoother and happier for everyone.

 Sudden surprise visits

We generally are always for special occasions like engagements, marriages, award ceremonies etc for our siblings. However, a surprise visit just to enjoy the rain together or a surprise pickup from the airport after their vacation would be a super way to add that spark to your relationship. These small surprises go a long way to help in connecting with your siblings far more than a formal and expected visit.

Make full use of technology

With technology, it has now become much easier to stay in touch. Use it as much as you can. Small texts when you come across things that remind you of them, video calls to stay in touch with them and/or your nieces and nephews, an occasional hand written letter or card. All these though may be small gestures but show that you care. And go a long way in helping you stay connected with your sibling.

Plan vacations/ outings together

Returning for a wonderful vacation at Alibaug

Returning for a wonderful vacation at Alibaug

Another simple yet effective way to stay connected is going together for vacations. The free time and atmosphere help a lot to relive the old memories as well as make new ones. It is also a great way to relieve stress.  If you stay close by, having dinners together, going for movies or shopping together are wonderful ways to bond

Birthdays and special occasions

Make sure you remember to call and wish, not just your sibling but their spouse as well as their children on all their special occasions – be it a birthday, anniversary, children winning some prizes or medals. They are all family, remembering them on their special days makes them feel special, and thus keeps you all connected.

And not to forget the most important one – This Raksha Bandhan and every other, make it super special. After all, you’re lucky to have a day dedicated to celebrating this wonderfully special bond

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  1. Avatar

    I always like to catch with my sibliings and cousins. Mostly planing trips is great way to relive those moments. Rakhi is one festival which I look forward to every ear, a reason to meet them again.
    Beautifully written 🙂 missing them now.

  2. Avatar

    Love your way of thinking babe. Such a perfect post ,these days we ignore all small things but this post is offcourse a highlight to things ignored in today’s world.

  3. Avatar

    This is a great post especially on the occasion of Rakhi. I loved reading it. And the ways to connect with your siblling are great thanks for sharing

  4. Avatar

    Superb and beautifully written post specially near to the day of rakhi which is special day for siblings and cousins. Your tips are great to bulit a strong bond between siblings. Thanks for sharing

  5. Avatar

    Wow such a beautiful article Sabeeka 😍 totally loved it. Its really important to give extra care and love to siblings when we are grown ups since this is such a special bond…

  6. Avatar
    Papri Ganguly on

    Beautiful post. It is really important to give extra value and care to sibling as we share true bonding from our birth.

    • Sabeeka Lambe

      true.. I remember writing letters to my cousins, then moving to email and then using chat rooms and now video calling.. luckily we’ve always managed to stay in touch

  7. Avatar

    In today’s world, we are always busy and it is always nice to use technology to our benefit and help us stay connected with the ones we love. Nicely written post.

    • Sabeeka Lambe

      Thank you.. we do video calls with my nieces and nephews quite often since we are in different countries and cities but its the best way to keep in touch and stay connected

  8. Avatar

    I love to stay in touch with my siblings and cousins… Planning trip is a truely great idea and surprise visit, I just love ideas you have mentioned here…

  9. Avatar

    I have one brother and he is very special to me. As you listed we some time go out on small trips. This helps us to catch up with all those fond memories of growing up together.

  10. Avatar

    I love my siblings . Being the youngest in my family I was always the most inquisitive and fun loving. I always used this nature of mine to keep my brother and sister on toes and connected with each other. It very important to keep this bond strongest.

  11. Avatar
    Prisha Lalwani on

    sabeeka, your article is a very heart warming read. Brings in a lot of emotions. I loved the fact that your parents and their siblings are so close to each other- just makes me wonder if our generation has it in them at all.

  12. Avatar

    over past few months, i have been missing my brother. we both are far away and lost in our world of families. i really think it’s time to connect. maybe a vacation together 🙂

  13. Avatar

    I agree with the points you made. My sister and I are very close even though we meet once or twice a year. Technology is a huge blessing because we talk almost every day and face time somedays too. It helps us keep connected.

  14. Avatar

    I have just returned from a lunch with a cousin and your post couldn’t resonate more! Sibling relationships are important especially in one’s old age and it is up to us to nurture and nourish these special ties. And siblings can always be counted upon to pull through during tough times . Loved your blog.

  15. Avatar

    Your post reminded me of my childhood days. Rakhi used to be so much fun with siblings and cousins. Everyone is so busy these days that we all dont have time to meet or interact but its all about making some time.

  16. Avatar

    I guess the challenge I feel is regarding building a relationship with the spouse. Guess maybe the effort has to happen from both sides. But yeah that’s the most important and if it works then surprise visits, common outings etc. would succeed very well.

  17. Avatar

    I don’t have a sibling who is married, but I do call and wish and give sis surprise gifts 🙂 It’s good to be connected, though I agree with Reema too, that that love grows when away.

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