Navratri is one of the important Hindu festivals. Observing a fast– strict or partial is one of the most recommended practices for these 9 days. Both men and women can follow the Navratri fasting rules.

Diet plan

98fit has come up with an amazing 9-day Navratri diet plan with meals suggested for each time of the day. Morning, mid-day snack, afternoon, evening snack and bedtime. These meals include only ingredients that can be consumed during the fast at the same time ensure that the meals are healthy and balanced too.

98-fit-planDo have a look at their site here with English and Hindi options to choose.


Daily tips are shared too to ensure you take care of smaller and finer things while fasting as well


They also have some amazing meal and exercise plans for regular days and keep watching this space for more details

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  1. Firdaus Peerzada on

    Love the details and your explanation about the diet. This really looks beneficial and will give good results.

  2. This diet plan for Navratri will be beneficial for all those who are fasting. As it is important to stay healthy during fasting…

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