Do you feel that you have not got enough rest as soon as you get up?

Are you exhausted at the beginning of the day?

Do you feel grumpy, moody or find yourself snapping as soon as you have just got up?

Each morning comes with a new beginning and it should be the happiest part of your day. Here are some very simple morning routine changes that will help you see the sunshine and take on the day like never before.

Stop the Snooze

Snoozing of the alarm is one invention that we could do without. After you hit snooze and drift off, your brain starts its sleep cycle all over again. When the alarm goes off a second time, you’re likely at an even deeper, earlier part of your sleep cycle, which results in you feeling even worse than you did the first time.

Being someone who is a night person, my morning alarm used to look like this once my daughter started early morning school. And I would find myself yawning right till 9:30-10:00 am and quite irritable in the morning. Slowly reducing and eventually stopping the snooze has been very helpful, in getting up as well as staying fresh.


Have you ever noticed how babies stretch when they get up? It is almost a minute long wiggling, stretching, and yawning before they open their eyes. Having this instinct as a baby emphasizes on how natural it is, something that we completely stop doing once we are older. Stretching in the morning has the following benefits

  • Stretching relieves and prevents back pain by reducing tensions in your spine and muscles
  • It lengthens and relaxes your muscles and improves flexibility
  • Stretching in the morning helps to increase the blood flow to your muscles. More blood in your muscles means more energy in the morning
  • Stretching also increases blood flow to your brain and sharpens your concentration in the morning

Drink water

After stretching, before you brush or eat anything, have at least2 glasses of warm water with a small interval between them. Water is one of the most important constituents of our body and is essential for the normal and smooth functioning of all the organs. So after 7/8 hours without water when we sleep, we should replenish our system.

Amongst the many benefits, drinking water in the morning helps boost metabolism, improve immunity, keeps the digestive system healthy and expels toxins from the body, clears the complexing and helps boost energy.

Along with warm water, I also have these morning drinks that are really simple to whip up and come with some amazing benefits

Say no to your phone

These days the first thing that most of us do, after switching off our alarm is check our phone – messages, facebook, social media etc. I too am guilty of this and need to make a conscious effort to avoid the same.

If checking your phone is the first thing you do when you wake up, you may want to rethink your morning routine.

“When we wake up in the morning and turn our phone over to see a list of notifications—it frames the experience of ‘waking up in the morning’ around a menu of all the things we’ve missed since yesterday”.Tristan Harris, Google’s Design Ethicist

You are immediately thrown into catch-up mode. So much has happened since you went to bed and your mind and your morning are hijacked.

Listen to some prayers/ chants/ meditative sounds

Prayers and chants have a very positive vibe and carry a lot of positivity with them.  The vibrations that we set up by chanting or listening to some prayers or meditative sounds in the morning spread wellbeing to us and also to the world.  This is very much required for carrying the day fully charged with positive energy for maximizing our productivity and leading a stress less life. It increases our intellectual capabilities give clarity of thought and cleanses our mind.

Enjoy your breakfast

Once the positive vibe has set in, a good filling breakfast just helps start the day with a bang.  Skipping breakfast is a complete no-no. We all would have heard our elders say “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” and it is so important to follow this.

A good breakfast provides us the required energy to kick start the day. It helps increase concentration, elevates your mood and reduces stress levels. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and improve metabolism.

With all these tips you are helping yourself make every day a “good day”

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    These are some super easy and doable tips, Sabeeka. I so want to become a morning person, but it’s almost impossible for me to get up early in the morning. Geez! I read these posts and then think yes will do it, but the next day, same old me. I so hope to become a morning person. 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Some useful tips. This is an eye-opener for lazy people 😛
    I wish to inculcate the listening to chants for my daily routine. I am a morning person when at in-laws place and lazy at mom’s place.

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    This is such a positive post, Sabeeka. I’m following some of these tips already but there’s definitely scope for improvement. A good morning is very important for a good day and it mostly depends on us and our routine to make it so.

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    Most of these tips are what our moms used to tell us and ensure that we followed. However, over the years, we have added grays in our heads but forgotten these vital tips. Thank you for this extremely useful and practical post. Keep writing 🙂

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    Awesome tips to have a pleasant morning routine. I love listening to the chants and try doing meditation , be it just for the 15 min, but it gives me so much peace from within and a great energy to start off my day!

  6. Avatar

    good tips! the 1st 3 questions were just for me! I definitely need to stop using the snooze and looking at my phone 1st thing – coz u are right, it does feel like i am playing catch up from the moment i wake up! going to try these tips!

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