I remember it was sometime in January when my mom and me were discussing about the Corona Virus. Her friend’s son was in China and she was describing to me what they were going through. Little did we know how the entire world would be affected the way we are now. Late in February while gearing up on the BCP at work, we were getting more mindful of what might come, even then, we didn’t know what to expect and how the world would take a compete 360 degree turn. I remember my last day working form office 16th March, preparing and enabling my team to work from home the next day onwards; EVEN then, honestly, we didn’t know how our lives would change.

But once the seriousness of the Pandemic dawned upon us all, we saw a lot of things happening around us and experienced many different emotions. The first couple of weeks people started enjoying working at home and saving on travel time. But at the same time everyone was looking at the rise in numbers on a daily basis. Boosting immunity and hygiene became a priority. Facebook feeds starting to fill up with pictures picking up long lost hobbies – right from painting to working out to music to cooking. Recipes started being shared – from Dalgona coffee to Eno & Bourbon cakes to elaborate 3 course meals. These being punctuated by PM addresses the appreciation by clapping for our essential service providers and paying respects by lighting candles and diyas.

All these events really took us through an emotional roller coaster. With complete lock down being introduced and scarcity of essentials, to being away from family and friends and uncertainty of what the future holds. But we are now adapting to what we call the new normal.

And amongst this all, a few changes that really stood out to me and got me thinking

  • We started communicating more with our family and relatives. We reached out even those in our family who we would not have visited or called up regularly in normal times. Family Zoom calls, gathering everyone from all parts of the world became a weekend activity. Many family relations that were strained once again began to get normal.
  • People started connecting more with their friends too. And just like we did with family, we even reached out to those we may not have talked to in years. Old school friends started communicating on WhatsApp groups or frequent video calls.
  • We became stronger as a community. Our housing society groups suddenly became much more active. Inquiring about each other, how we are managing without the help and surroundings that we are used to, reaching out to our neighbors who were home quarantined due to a travel or returning home, discussing times that the shops stay open and what is available and what is not. From not knowing many of our neighbors, we started not just knowing, but reaching out to each other.
  • Senior citizens who were living alone too were being looked after by the community. People started stopping by their homes to inquire if they need something and making sure that they had all that they needed and didn’t feel lonely.
  • The community also started to support local merchants and farmers who were having a difficult time selling their produce.
  • At work, people became much more sensitive to their colleagues. If someone dropped off a call due to bad network or was disturbed by a crying baby in the background, or a bell of the door, or a whistle of a pressure cooker, no one objected to these things. During the old normal, many of these would be thought of as unprofessional and careless
  • Parents and teachers all being sensitive towards the children and what they are going through too. Not pressurizing them to try and lead the pack but giving them time and letting them move at their pace.

There is a sudden rise in compassion and empathy towards everyone around us. We are talking more about health- both physical and mental and trying our utmost to be there for those around us.

While this change is definitely for the best,

  • Did we really need a Pandemic to move towards this change?
  • Did we really need to be reminded to reach out to our loved ones?
  • Did we really need a reminder to care for our neighbors?
  • Did we really need a reminder to be compassionate to our co-workers and colleagues?
  • Did we really need a reminder to awaken our sensitivity and compassion?

I sincerely hope that this change remains and we keep some of these positives that have emerged out of this Pandemic.

This post is a part of the Blog train – THE PANDEMIC THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN initiated by blogger Ila Varma  to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #pandemiclockdown2020.

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Sabeeka Lambe

I have been working in the software technology services space for over 15 years. In my professional life I help in implementing quality standards like ISO, CMMi & Six Sigma to make developers and testers jobs easier & process oriented. Through this blog I am sharing similar techniques coupled with age old wisdom from my mom and grand mom to make our living healthier and medicine free. To work in any new field, it helps if you read and train too, and I did the same. Have got a diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai to enhance my knowledge and skills on this topic that I am passionate about


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    Well said undoubtedly this pandemic has reminded us many forgotten etiquettes and disciplines, we have become more compassionate towards surroundings and we must accept that we are loving the change up to some extent. Just wishing happy days to back again, with the positivity within that this too shall pass. Well written post!

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    Very well expressed. It is true that we learn to empathise with others during this pandemic. Life has taught us a lot during these few months. Hope those lessons stays with us in future.

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    Yes actually we needed a pandemic for realizing the very human emotion of being sensitive and compassionate towards each other. I hope we have learnt our lessons well. Though the companies are still at their brutal best risking saftey of employees by calling them to work.

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    This pandemic made us realize the value of our life and our health which we had kept it in our back seat concentrating more on materialistic things of life and the afflicted number is quite less in our country due to our good immunity level…thanks to our ancestors.
    Further, in a bid to come first in rat race, we ignored near and dear ones but in this lockdown period, it made us realize the importance of near and dear who helped you to cope up within lockup period.
    Hope all fares well and we defeat Covid19 knocking it down forever.
    Thanks for joining me and sharing your inputs on the subject.

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    Wow, that’s such a nice post.
    True said we don’t need such pandemic to learn empathy and compassion.
    We need at as a daily habit not which pops us on certain occasions.
    Life lessons learned and we are calmer and aware of surroundings, health, family, friends, and simple pleasures of life in togetherness.

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    This has brought us many new changes and good one. You have covered it all that we faced and more in your blog. The closing notes are quite relevant.

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    Cant agree more. Did we need pandemic to make us remind us the simple terms like love, compassion, care, concern. This is what we all are born with but we forget the with time and give excuse of not having enough time. I am sure, we all have understood that we cannot plan our future as our present is what we have in control . So mad the best out of it.

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    I agree with you completely that do we really need a pandemic situation to be caring for understanding others feeling.. nevertheless this pandemic has taught us a lot. And we all understand the real value of things that we already had or get easily.

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    A lovely post that really puts things in the correct perspective. You are right, it shouldn’t have taken a catastrophic event to make us more aware and responsible to those around us, but now that we have, we must not return to our old ways.

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    Yes lockdown did bring some positives like looking after senior citizens and connecting more with family.

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    I totally agree with you. Pandemic has opened many of the closed doors of our sight. and we are thinking in a more better way now. Great writeup dear

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    Absolutely! The pandemic has changed our perspective. Things have changed at 360 degrees. But there is a positive side too, to be more empathetic and caring. Hope this continues even post-pandemic.

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    Shreemayee Chattopadhyay on

    Well written article. Sometimes negativity brings some positive sides in our life. Now it’s our turn to carry this forward with compassion and empathy.

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    I totally agree with you we don’t need pandemic to show compassion and empathy towards people around us but we live in a world where people isolate themselves because society don’t understand them. Hypocrisy and gossip is something which will take over again once this is over.

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    I totally agree with you we don’t need pandemic to show compassion and empathy towards people around us but we live in a world where people isolate themselves because society don’t understand them. Hypocrisy and gossip is something which will take over again.

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    Hard times gets the worst and best side of us. It’s us who choose which side we’d like to unleash. We need more empathy now than ever. Well thought out blog

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