Pregnancy is one of the very special phases for any woman. Morning sickness, discomfort, gaining weight, or any other problems that come with the pregnancy are embraced without any complaints. And every woman feels and loves to be made to feel special during these months. Amongst the different ways to make your loved ones – sister, bestie, sis-in-law or colleagues feel special, throwing a wonderful baby shower for them is something that is surely going to make them smile and remember it forever. Here are some tips that will help you with planning the perfect baby shower for you or your loved one along with some awesome baby shower invitation cards that will make it even more special.

Planning the baby shower

Planning a baby shower for your loved one is a lot of fun. Especially if it is a surprise. Here are a few tips that will make your planning easier as well as make it a memorable occasion for the mom to be as well as all the guests too.

Theme and location

This is the very first step you need to think of since everything else that you plan would be around the theme and location. If the mom-to-be is a homely person and prefers the indoors, then having it at a close friend or relatives home would be the best. She would feel relaxed and could take it easy. If she loves the outdoors and is a party person, then a classy brunch/ or dinner would be the best. Try finding a place that has a comfy banquet which offers you the privacy for your fun at the same time allows the mom-to-be to feel comfortable in that privacy too.

You could choose your theme once you decide the location. Popular themes for baby showers are color coordinated ones – blue and pink or yellow, or ones where you must dress up – retro, superhero, fairytale character or Bollywood. Choose a theme that suits the mom-to-be’s liking and personality the most.

Guest list and date

This is the next most important factor. If you are planning a surprise, make sure you include all her important people on the guest list and consider their availability. Keeping her spouse in a loop would be a good idea to make sure everyone who is important to her, have been included. Also, the date is another very important factor to keep in mind – not too close to her due date coz that’s when she would be exhausted and won’t enjoy the shower.


The baby shower invites are your first interaction with the guests and you want them to leave an amazing impression in their minds. Also, the invites should reflect the theme, clearly mention the date and venue, and if it is going to be a surprise for the mom-to-be.

The invites could be an electronic one or a physical one, but for me, there’s nothing more personal and special than receiving a physical invite. It just feels more special and has a sense of interaction between the host and guest.

While planning the baby shower for a close friend I came across this wonderful site Photojaanic which have some amazing baby shower invites.

They have some wonderful preset options to choose from, Bright and unabashed or classic and fun, choose a card that best suits the theme. You can also customize them with the text you want, mom-to-be’s picture and color and theme.

They sent me a few samples and the quality is amazing. With a super gloss finish and such fine quality of printing, I just could not keep my eyes off them. Also included is an envelope for each card that is made of a good quality handmade paper. They surely would make a lasting impression on your guests.

The best part is that these come at a very affordable cost – starting from Rs 15 per card and the price depends on the quantity you order. They also come in different sizes. The site is currently also offering a 20% discount on invitation cards.


Planning the menu is also an important part of a baby shower preparation. After all good food does leave a lasting impression. Consider the preferences of the mom-to-be as well as what you think the guests would like. Also, keep in mind the venue and time of the event. If it is a brunch and outdoors, you would want to have a light menu with bite-sized or finger food which would be easy to enjoy. If at home, you could set up a small buffet like set-up at the dining table and keep the seating more informal. Of the guests are all very close family and friends you could also plan a potluck with all the favorite dishes of the mom-to-be.

Check out some amazing vitamin A rich recipes for a healthy menu

Games and activities

The activities for the baby shower should be planned such that the guests do not feel bored due to lack of them nor overwhelmed if there are way too many activities and games. You could plan more personal and informal games if the venue is a private one or some more formal games if it is in a restaurant or a place open to others too. Check out some baby shower game ideas

Keeping all these in mind, am sure the baby shower would be a full-on success. And don’t forget to check out the Photojaanic website for some amazing personalized gifting options too!

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