The year 2020 has completely changed our world. From the first quarter to the 4th, we can see how everything around us has changed so drastically. Right from our daily routine, to working and schooling remotely to our daily chores and food habits – we have all reset from our earlier ways and adapting to the current. These are changes that would have never crossed our minds in a normal scenario, and our pace to adapt is constantly being tested.

Among the many changes, one that I found bit challenging to deal with is the online studies for kids. While the school is doing an amazing job of ensuring wonderful content as well as regular online interactions and doubt clearing sessions, what I struggle is with being able to make enough time myself to expand their knowledge beyond the textbooks. Earlier, with somewhat fixed work schedules and house help available for regular chores, this was possible, but now while we are struggling with our own schedules finding a good alternative for this is important too.

But as we all say, these new problems have also made way for some innovative solutions. With everything becoming online- the world has shrunk and kids are completely hands on with technology. At such a time it is worth exploring the innovative digital learning platforms available.

Would like to share some details of one such platform that I recently came across – ZEE Eduauraa. Eduauraa is a platform that provides high quality and interactive education for the kids that help make learning and exploring fun. Education now with ZEE5 Premium offering limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with Annual ZEE5 subcription you can avail for entertainment and education.

Focus on good quality educators

Eduauraa provides personalized e-Learning from qualified professionals from the industry who are passionate about teaching. They provide Chapter-wise Test papers, practice tests and quiz that assist the learner to evaluate and to learn quickly. They have a team of teachers from India’s top schools that do the quality-check of the content created.

Interactive and fun ways of teaching

The platform focusses on good quality video based teaching and learning through real life examples. This ensures that the children are not just reading, but are learning how to apply the principles that they learn. They teach kids fun techniques like mind maps through motion graphics that make it easy to comprehend. Also, they have very cool theme based learning – 5 reasons why, which make the children think out of the box and develop those skills too.

Prepare for the board exams

Along with the above cool things like that are available for kids all age, they also have a focused program for children who are appearing for their board exams. It is a platform known for the best experienced on desktop and laptop. During the normal times, looking for good teachers to help coach kids was such a task, since parents would have to take into account the timings of these teachers, travel time needed to reach these teachers, availability etc. But now, using the digital learning platform, all these worries are put to rest. Eduauraa provides lots of practice tests, mentors to guide at every step of the journey, and personized learning programs that are designed to suit individual needs and provide kids a safe environment.

Do explore this very helpful digital learning platform to experience all the benefits.

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