We all know how important water is for all us to stay healthy and fit. On average, the body of an adult human being contains 60%water. All our body systems like the digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, nervous system depend on water and proper hydration.


But what if the water available is contaminated or polluted?

Waterborne diseases are one of the most prevalent killers in the world today. The World Health Organisation even goes so far as to label them the leading cause of death around the globe, with more than 3.5 million people losing their lives each year.

Diarrhea and Cholera are amongst the most common and often life-threatening waterborne diseases in India.

How safe the water we drink?

Our country faces a serious issue with water pollution and contamination. Here are some of the causes of this pollution and contamination

  1. Large gap between generation and treatment of domestic wastewater in India
  2. Industrial waste
  3. Social and religious practices of disposing of certain articles in water
  4. Oil leaks from ships
  5. Acid rain
  6. Improper treatment and disposal of wastewater

Water is contaminated either at the source or during the transportation to the eventual user- that is we who fill water from a tap. So, it is obvious that drinking tap water directly is extremely unsafe and we certainly need to purify it before consuming it.

Make our water fit for consumption

Water purifiers are the most effective and easy way to make our water fit for consumption and to ensure that our families are protected we would definitely want to choose the best water purifier in India.

We thus need to understand how a water purifier works and more about the different water purifiers available to help us better with our decision.

The most commonly used water purifiers for domestic purposes :

RO Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) employs the membrane technology to remove impurities, germs and dissolved salts from water. Only water can pass through the very fine pores of the semipermeable membrane. Thus, it leaves behind all dissolved salts, harmful chemicals, and microbes.

UF purifier

The Ultra-filtration (UF) purification technology uses a membrane that’s like the RO membranes but has bigger pores. UF membrane helps in removing all colloidal particles, which include pathogenic organisms and turbidity. However, it fails to remove the dissolved salts and solids. UF purifier doesn’t require electricity and thus beneficial to those areas where there are frequent power cuts and load shedding

UV purifier

This method of water purification employs ultra-violet light. It helps terminate the germs, microbes, and bacteria present in impure water. Inside the purifier, a tiny mercury lamp produces shortwave UV radiations that irradiate the water. Later, it penetrates the cells of viruses and bacteria. The harmful organisms fail to multiply and are eventually eliminated. Around 99.99% of the harmful organisms are eliminated.

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Where can we buy the water purifier from

These days with online shopping making it so convenient for us to buy anything, we can easily buy water purifier form the company websites. While going through the website of Livpure water purifier, I saw an amazing feature – the buying guide. This had different options for us to choose, like price range, the city we live in, type of water we get etc and based on that we are given various options to choose from.

This makes it so easy to choose online water purifier. It is just like going to an offline store and telling them your requirements and they suggest the best products to suit your needs, only here it is at the convenience of your home!

Make sure your family and you are consuming only pure, clean, non-contaminated water to ensure good health.

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Source: https://greentumble.com/top-5-waterborne-diseases-in-india/. https://www.livpure.in, Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash


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