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My Parenting Mantra

The feeling of being a mom is unique and completely selfless. Right from the time you get to know you are pregnant. All the nausea and mood swings are totally forgotten when you are able to feel that one flutter, one movement, one kick. All the pains that you have gone through just minutes before cannot be felt when you see the cute little face of our baby for the very first time.

Once the baby is in your arms, every parent envisions the very best for their child(ren).  Parenting involves looking after the physical and emotional, intellectual and social development of the child till they are adults. Each of these aspects are very important and go hand in hand. I believe a lot in gentle parenting and my parenting mantra on the emotional and mental development closely revolve around it.

Today I shall touch up on the physical aspect of parenting and share my mantra on how to raise healthy children. Every parent wants to raise healthy kids. But raising healthy kids in this fast-paced and high-tech world with so many fast food options, devices taking over outdoor games, nuclear family set-ups might seem like a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be the challenge it seems if you follow these simple tips

Eat healthy including immunity boosting and memory improving foods

Kids don’t always like to eat only healthy. Expecting them to eat only fruits and vegetables and stay away totally from their favorite junk of chips, chocolates, pizzas and burgers is not practical.
So, allow them to have these occasionally along with a good balanced diet.

Citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, turmeric, papaya and other fruits help boost the immunity. Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, kalonji or black seeds, beetroot are memory boosting foods

So include these in their diet to get healthier and sharper.

Help them focus by practicing meditation and breathing techniques

Attention span and focus is required by children as they are growing, at school as well as play. But children have a very small attention span and often cannot focus for long. So, start helping them with this from an early age. Simple breathing techniques and short meditative sessions help, not only in focusing better but also calms them and helps their imagination.

My favorite kind of meditation with them is where I tell them to close their eyes while I’m talking. I tell them to imagine they are in a particular place like a beach, forest, hill and then describe the scene to them and ask them to visualize. I do this for 2-5 mins and once we are done I ask them to draw what they imagined. They love doing this exercise.”

Make them help in household chores for some physical activity

Kids love to take brooms, a dusting cloth, a mop and imitate us. Make use of their curiosity and teach them few age appropriate house-hold chores. Cleaning/dusting their toys, keeping their clothes/ socks and shoes in the cupboards, watering plants, arranging their bookshelves are some simple activities. Along with learning these, it will help them get some physical activity in the house along with inculcating some responsibility in them too.

Inculcate passion for sports

Play some sport as a family, watch sports together and create an interest in sports. There is so much evidence of how sports helps – not just physically but in personality development too.  Physically it helps in getting better strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility. It helps develop a positive sportsman attitude, helps release pressure in a positive way, teaches them problem solving abilities and much more. Video games and devices have reduced the interest in outdoor activities these days. But a passion for sports makes them want to spend more time outdoors which eventually helps reducing device time too.

Our current favorite sports are basketball and badminton

Don’t over-medicate

Over medication is something some parents are guilty of. The moment there is a sneeze, a cough, mild temperature they run to a doctor or give them the regular prescribed medicines. I too have been guilty of over-panicking especially in the initial months of my first baby. Luckily, I had my mom controlling me and explaining how these small symptoms help to build the immunity and if treated immediately adversely elects the immune system in the long run. So, please do not over medicate for the basic illnesses like cold, coughs and mild fever. There are many tried home- remedies that will help children feel comfort at the same time not adversely affect the immune system. At the same time don’t use home-remedies for everything. Choose a doctor who understands you and together decide how to go ahead.


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I am a stay at home mom, having worked in the software technology services space for over 10 years. In my professional life I used to enforce quality standards like CMMi & Six Sigma to make developers and testers jobs easier & process oriented.In my current stint I am using similar techniques coupled with age old wisdom from my mom and grand mom to make our living healthier and medicine free. To start any new stint it helps if you read and train and so I got myself a diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai.


  1. Completely agree with your parenting mantra. You touched upon a very important point about over medication, which is not generally discussed while speaking about parenting.

  2. Zeenat Dholakia on

    Lovely post. I love the meditation part followed by drawing. It can b interesting n fun for kids. Happy to join with you on this blog train.

  3. I completely second all ur points here… I feel i need to Help my girls practice meditation…They are really full of too much energy…Though yes they are focused most of the times…But i would definitely like to try meditation with them

  4. Healthy Mommy is a Happy Mommy too 😀
    How well pointed out, unless we have good and healthy habits we cannot expect our kids to have one.
    I so agree with let them to help house chores stuff, glad to have read your post.

  5. Snehalata jain on

    Super happy after reading this, I just found that I need to work more on physical strength for my daughter

  6. This post was a breath of fresh air! My elder was preemie so I was the doctor seeking parent at the same time I had to concentrate on her diet, and I totally understand the value of a healthy diet. Always good to take guidance from real moms 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post!

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