“Hygiene is two-thirds of health”

So, when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene I make no compromises. Be it at home, in the kitchen or even my car. And like all moms, keeping my babies clean, hygienic, germ-free and as away from chemical and toxins is a priority.

Since the time I became a mommy, there are  2 things that are always in any bag or purse I carry – Wet wipes and a sanitizer. And so, when I heard about the Mother Sparsh wet wipes which are 98% water I knew I had to give it a try.

Mother Sparsh wet wipes

When I first saw an ad for these wipes, the tagline “As Good as Cotton & Water” caught my attention. I remembered the days when my lil one had got her first diaper rash after I wiped her using a wipe. Post that, I started using a very soft muslin cloth and cut them into wipes which I would use with water and then dispose them off after use. This was a tedious process, knowing how many times we need to change babies.  So, the idea of having wipes as good the ones I had made was something I wanted to see and try.


This came in a cool blue color plastic pack like all wet wipes with a stick-on opening, to remove the wipes. The seal sticker is quite strong and sticks back with ease.


These wipes are made using a plant-based fabric. Having 98% water combined with the fabric material claims to be mild and gentle on the baby’s skin. And it definitely is. It is dermatologically tested as mild and gentle on baby skin and also effective in preventing allergy, redness & rashes. No harmful ingredients like Alcohol & Parabens are used in the manufacturing process of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes. These additives can dry out baby skin causing skin problems.

When I opened the packet of the wipes, there was no strong fragrance that I noticed from some of the other wipes I have used. The material of the wipe felt soft without any plasticky feel to it.

Using them to wipe the baby’s nappy area as well as older kid’s hands was very gentle. In fact, my older one even commented on how soft and thin the wipe felt

Environment Friendly

What is the best part about these wipes is that they are 100% biodegradable. This definitely shows how pure and natural they are. And with the number of wipes we moms use, this surely helps to know that we are not guilty of increase of nondegradable waste and playing our part towards a sustainable planet.

These wipes have now become my constant companion in my bag, and I am sure that my kids are using the best and purest. In fact, I use it to wipe my hands and face too. Coz we all need something  safe and effective


Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

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