I simply love herbal teas and those of you following the blog would know how I love to mix and match ingredients to come up with different combinations of herbal teas. So, when I recently heard that Mamaearth’s new range of Traditional recipes had some herbal teas I couldn’t wait to try them out.

As you all know Mamaearth has become a very popular and trusted brand when it comes to toxin-free products for babies and mamas and is absolutely true to their tagline – “Our honest, natural and certified safe products for a little bit of heaven sent down to earth. We are the only Toxin Free MadeSafe certified brand in India.” So having the addition of these new wellness products to their range was something I was looking forward to.

They have 6 new products in the “Traditional recipe” range and I have tried the “Feel Better tea” and “Stress relief tea”. Here’s my take on these products


Binge eating over weekends or some family get together or weddings or fun food-filled vacation – we are often guilty of one or more of these. Another thing we are often found guilty of is having hurried meals, leftovers from our kids’ plates. As parents, our

As parents, our children’s immunity is one thing we are most concerned about. Giving them a balanced meal, preparing healthy snacks, making sure all immunity boosting ingredients are included as a part of their diet. But what do we do for our immunity?

That’s where you have Mamaearths’ feel good tea coming to your rescue.

Description and Ingredients


My take

A fine blend of nettle leaf, chamomile, mint, and ginger this was really one yummy blend. Not too overpowering as herbal teas are expected to be but a smooth fragrant and flavorful blend. I just returned from my vacation from Goa which was a total food fest as you can imagine. And sipping this tea the next day onwards got my digestive system back on track within a couple of days.I had it is per instructions – 2 cups between meals and the food overdose, gassiness, bloating and sluggishness was completely gone by the second day. I suffer from high acidity levels and that too, I feel is getting better.

After getting into bed, it takes me a while to relax and come to a calmer level that so that I can sleep. Having this tea, I think I am able to settle into a calmer state a little faster than I normally do.

What I liked best is that it is so handy and easy to make especially on days you don’t want to make the effort of creating your own mixture.


How often we feel so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and accomplished? We long for that little break where we just want to let go. Stress is something that has almost become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Many of us resort to certain unhealthy ways of coping with stress. Smoking, excessive drinking, binge eating, pills or anti-depressants, withdrawing from family and friends, sleeping too much, zoning out in front of the TV or computer are amongst the common stress relieving methods we resort to. These methods while have been quite effective temporally. But their long-term side effects would eventually add to your problems rather than help managing stress.

Mamaearths’ stress relief tea will help combat all your stress and anxiety naturally. Along with this here are some additional ways you can reduce your stress naturally

Description and Ingredients


My take

This blend had a more earthy flavor to it. I’m not very fond of an overpowering cinnamon taste and this blend had just the right balance of flavors. Sipping it does tend to calm my nerves and provide a soothing effect. I tend to get very worried about small things at times and this did give me an overall calming feeling.  I’m sure, consuming it continually will help reducing stress levels as well as reduce the tiredness and fatigue.

Overall Recommendation

Would definitely recommend these 2 blends to everyone, even those who prefer their traditional milk tea over herbal ones. Coz these are not bitter nor overpowering but really smooth and yummy. Taste it and am sure you will experience the amazing benefits they promise.

Priced at Rs 599 for a box of 30 tea bags you can get them from the Mamaearth store or from Amazon too [amazon_link asins=’B0752MVSNB,B0754J4THD’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’momsmethods-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’64bf8771-a334-11e7-9605-adc68a6a7c90′]

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