Momsmethods has been nominated for the Liebster award by a fellow blogger Haya who has a wonderful blog 1newleaf. Through wonderful real-life stories Haya talks about the different aspects of learning from our past mistakes and change towards a better future – just like turning a new leaf. An amazing must visit blog.

As the procedure for the award goes, I will respond to the questions put forth by Haya and then come up with my own list of questions for the bloggers I nominate and the cycle continues.

So here we go

Why did you start a blog?

After my first baby, I decided to take a small break from my work to be home with the baby in her early years. And soon I had my second one too. I have always been very passionate about natural remedies for healing and have always followed them at home and with the girls. Often, I found myself advising family and friends about these simple tried and tested home remedies and thus decided to write about the same and share with a larger audience.


What do you like in my blog?

The name of your blog “1new leaf” is so apt to the inspiring stories that force us to rethink some of our daily activities and practices to transform ourselves. The stores so simply put and beautifully explained and put to context. A blog one must follow!


What’s the most important thing in your life?

To me, the most important thing is my family. Over the years and knowing from experiences of near and dear, Family (directly and those who we consider) is what is going to be with you through thick and thin.


How do you cheer yourself when you are sad?

There are few things that comfort me when I’m sad or feeling a bit low. I like to bundle up and read a book or watch a movie or series while munching on my favorite comfort food. Sometimes I need some quiet moments just to think/meditate or somehow try to connect with the Almighty. Sometimes just talking to hubby or mom helps lifting my spirits.  At other times a meal or some fun times spent with friends helps lifting spirits. A smile, a hug and some giggles with my little babies is the best way to forget anything that causes me to be sad, always works!


What do you generally gift others?

If the person I’m giving a gift to likes to read than that is generally my first choice. If not, then Since I enjoy dressing up and trying different outfits/ accessories etc, it would generally be something related to that – something to wear, jewelry, accessories or something to enhance the home depending on who it is for.


Whose company do you enjoy? Why?

This depends on my frame of mind – sometimes I enjoy being around my girls and their friends doing all baby and girly things and other times its adult company that I crave for – hubby, very close family and friends and sometimes I even enjoy total solitude.


Where do you long to go on a visit? Why?

Last year I was lucky to have got the opportunity to visit one of our holy places and the vibes and the positivity that I got makes me want to explore and visit all such places of worship – shrines, temples, churches, monasteries just to experience their positivity.

Another thing on my to-do list in terms of traveling has been taking a couple of trips- one completely alone maybe with a group of strangers and the other is a few road trips with my hubby just exploring without any fixed itinerary


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy painting and doodling and I find it very calming and relaxing but I must admit that in the recent times I’ve not been able to spend time on it.


If you start another blog, what will it be about?

While my current blog is primarily about healing and staying fit using natural methods, I sometimes write posts pertaining to moral values and bringing up kids in today’s surroundings and challenges. So if I write another blog it would be something around these subjects.


Who is your favorite Quran reciter?

I don’t follow any specific reciter as such, but currently am reading extensively about Quran and science as well as a Quran tafseer(meaning). I also read and listen to other spiritual discourses by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Guru Gaur Gopal Prabhu and find them very practical and enlightening as well.


Here are the bloggers that I would like to nominate and my set of questions for them.

Mitali Jakatdar

She is a wonderful blogger and believes that all the moms in the world are supermoms. Her website is an ode to her passion of mine to educate fellow mommies about the latest happenings in the city.

Samved Galegaonkar – and

Unboxing ideas is the journey of Indian Jones and how he discovers answers to his questions, currently on the “Agile Kingdom”

Kapil Naik is a place where you find articles on Socio-Political issues. With this web site he intends to offer the reader unbiased views on national and international matters.


Sreekumar Balasubramanyam

Suberb writing and thought provoking posts on varying subjects


Questions :

  1. What is the best part about writing your blog
  2. Have you read my blog and what do you like about it
  3. Suggestions on improving my blog
  4. Which three hashtags best describe your blog?
  5. Is there a blog post that is dear to your heart – and if so which one?
  6. What are you most passionate about?
  7. If there is only one last thing you would be able to do before departing this world what would it be?
  8. Who or what inspires you (to blog and in general)?
  9. If you had to write an autobiography, what would its title be?
  10. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
  11. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Looking forward to reading the responses from the nominees too!

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Sabeeka Lambe

I have been working in the software technology services space for over 15 years. In my professional life I help in implementing quality standards like ISO, CMMi & Six Sigma to make developers and testers jobs easier & process oriented. Through this blog I am sharing similar techniques coupled with age old wisdom from my mom and grand mom to make our living healthier and medicine free. To work in any new field, it helps if you read and train too, and I did the same. Have got a diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai to enhance my knowledge and skills on this topic that I am passionate about

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    It’s nice to see you answer the questions.
    I am glad you liked my blog name and it’s content. 🙂
    I find your questions for nominees interesting. They would have great time answering them.
    Wishing you and your blog the he best,

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