My grandfather was a very health conscious person. Besides being a disciplined eater, he never missed his morning walk. During my school vacations he would take me along with him on his walks.
Once, while on our walk, we noticed people in vans selling  juices and also giving out information on the benefits of the different juices they were selling.
As years went by, the number of vans started to increase, as did the people around them, enjoying the juices.
Being curious by nature, my grandfather and I went to take a look and ended up trying some of the fresh yummy juices. Eventually, we became regulars there.
Post my marriage, I moved to another city.  I was amazed to find vans selling similar types of juices here too.
In the last few years I have noticed a lot of these juice bars mushroom in the city, offering a wide variety of fruit as well as vegetable juices. They offer not only regular juices like sweet lime, orange, watermelon etc but also exotic ones like aloe vera, wheat grass and tomato and carrot etc.
One wonders whether this is just another fad or if these juices are really as helpful as the people who sell them claim they are.
The answer is really quite simple. If there are no preservatives, additives and if the juices are freshly made,  they are surely beneficial for us. In fact raw juice therapy is quite popular with naturopaths and is widely used in curing and treating a variety of ailments.
Dr Benedict Lust – one of the founders of naturopathic medicine said “Fresh fruit juices are cleansers of the human system while vegetable juices are the re-generators and builders of the body.”

Why Raw Juices?

#1. Juices extracted raw are second only to honey in their ease and speed of assimilation by the body. Raw juices, if taken on an empty stomach, get absorbed by the blood within 15 minutes of their digestion, thus providing maximum benefit.
#2. As we all know, cooking destroys a lot of the natural vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables thereby reducing their benefits.
Different combinations of vegetables and fruits are used by naturopaths to cure different ailments. Each combination targets a particular ailment or a set of ailments.
Before going into the specific benefits of juices, let us first take a look at their generic benefits:


All juices would provide most of the benefits mentioned below in addition to the specific benefit of the particular ingredient/s
#1. Juices are one of the best ways, other than water, for keeping the body hydrated.
#2. Along with the water absorbed, sugar as well as minerals are also absorbed by the body, on consumption of juices.
#3. Consumption of juices increases the frequency of urination thus helping in the elimination of toxins from the body.
#4. Juices help in providing relief from constipation.
#5. They help in preventing ageing and rejuvenate the body.
#6. Juice consumption improves the complexion.
#7. Juices also help with weight loss as they are filling and at the same time have very few calories.
Why wait for an ailment to declare war? Why not be smart and make it a practise to consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices as often as one can, even if we are not suffering for any specific ailment?

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