Hydrotherapy is an important therapeutic method of naturopathy where water is used in different forms to relieve physical and mental ailments and to recharge our vitality. This is one of the most ancient of all remedial agents to cure diseases. Since water is readily available at no cost and no side effects at all, this therapy is widely used.

Before we look at the ailments that can be treated and the methods of treatment, we need to know about the kind of water that should be used and ways of purifying the water.

General impurities that are present in water are
  • Lime which may cause goitre, renal calculi
  • Magnesia which may cause diarrhoea
  • Iron which may cause dyspepsia, liver trouble
  • Vegetable or animal matter which may cause malaria, typhoid, fever, diarrhoea, cholera etc
How do we know that water is impure? Simple, it would contain sediments, or odour, different colour.
And how do we purify water? Few simple methods that can be used
  • Boil and filter the water using 4 fold muslin cloth
  • Use any water purifier available like Aquaguard, Kent etc
  • Immerse iron rod which decomposes all organic matter in water
  • Potassium permanganate helps in destroying all organic matter
  • Add 6 grains of alum per gallon of water. This helps get rid of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate & ammonia hydrate

Our body contains 70% water and is important to the body as follows

  • Without water our body cells will die out of dehydration
  • Helps in lubrications
  • Serves as a medium fo rintracellular and extracellular reactions in the body
  • It is necessary for digestion of food (hydrolysis)
  • Helps in regulation of heat in the body
  • Stimulation and excitement of sympathetic nervous system is affected by water
  • Vehicle for various physiological processes
    a. Absorption of food from intestine
    b. Ultrafiltratiom and reabsorption from kidney tubules
    c. Excretion of end products of metabolism
    d. Manufacture of digestive juices
    e. Secretion of hormones at target organs

This is just to understand the importance of water to our body. We can now explore the techniques used in hydrotherapy and tips on using these principles in daily life

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