About a decade ago when I moved cities and changed my job, the new routine gave me some time on hands. Luckily there was a yoga institute close to office and I was able to resume my yoga practice and was accompanied with a friend too 🙂

Being a traditional yoga class we were expected to perform kriyas once every week along with regular asana practice on other days. I used to do yoga earlier and did know about the kriyas but never had the courage to try them coz they seemed difficult to perform. SO even at this class initially I wouldnt go on the day for the kriyas making up some or the excuse in my head. I guess it was some kind of mental block.

On hearing the experiences of the other participants and some amount of encouragment from them I finally decide to attend one such class and give the kriyas a shot. That class we were to perform Jal neti which in simple language is pouring water from one nostril and letting it flow out from the other using a special device called a neti pot. While this looked really tough when i gave it a shot it was actually quite simple. I just had to tilt the head and the water started flowing out. his was followed by a few sneezes but the results were instant and really amazing, I felt so light in the head, almost like all stress was washed out. Practicing this once a week helped in drastically reducing headaches that I used to get due to long hours at work in front of the monitor

Here are some more details on Jal Neti, Water Sniffing and Water Treading which are powerful hrdro therapy techniques

Jal Neti Kriya :

Jal Neti Kriya is a yogic kriya done using water. A special pot known as a neti pot is used for the same. Warm salted water needs to be filled in the pot and using the nozzle of this, insert water into one nostril and tilt your head, nostril in which you are inserting the water should be facing upwards. Adjust the tilt of your head to a position such that when you are inserting water in one nostril, it should flow out from the other one. Repeat this with the other nostril.

Benefits :

  • Cleanses the nose
  • Cures cold, cough and sinusitis
  • Relief obtained in chronic headaches and migraines
  • Helps in reducing halitosis i.e odour from mouth
  • Helps to re-program the body’s natural mechanisms against respiratory complaints
  • It stimulates concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind
  • It is excellent if you are trying to give up smoking. It reduces mouth breathing and re-sensitizes the nose to the discomfort of ingesting smoke, therefore deprogramming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction

You can also watch video of Jal Neti to understand method better

Water Sniffing :

This is a modified version of  Jal Neti Kriya. In this method water is used to clean the nasal passage. In a glassful of water add a pinch of table salt. Take some water on the palm of the hand and inhale this through one nostril at a time. Water makes exit either from same nostril or from mouth. DO this alternately though each nostril.


  • Loosens clogged up mucus and dirt accumulated in air passage
  • Helps in treating and preventing diseases of the respiratory tract like sinusitis, cough, cold, fever, influenza etc

Water Treading

Water treading means walking in water. Here you need to fill a long tub of water upto your calf and walk barefoot in this water. to begin this you should practice this for a minute and then can gradually extend for maximum 3 to 4 minutes. People who are prone to caching a cold should do this in lukewarm water
Benefits :
  • Beneficial to those suffering from diseases of kidney, bowels and bladder.
  • Helps to relieve chest congestion
  • Expels gas from stomach
  • Helps curing headaches and acidity



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