The different methods and techniques of hydrotherapy in a snapshot are as follows.

  1.  Water Treading
  2. Jal neti kriya and water sniffing
  3. Wash
    1. Stomach wash
    2. Eye Wash
  4. Hot water bottle application
  5. Baths
    1. Hot foot bath
    2. Cold foot bath
    3. Hip bath
    4. Sitz bath also known as genital bath
    5. Spinal bath
    6. Morning dry friction bath
    7. Cold sponge bath
    8. Steam bath
    9. Cold Plunge bath
    10. Cold full bath
    11. Graduated bath
    12. Tepid bath
    13. Neutral bath
    14. Immersion bath
    15. Surge bath
    16. Shallow bath
    17. Jet shower bath
    18. Enema or basti kriya
    19. Vaginal irrigation or douches
  6. Water drinking
  7. Water packs
  8. Compresses
  9. Fomentations

Knowing the principles of hydrotherapy helps in the proper application of this therapy.

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