Read the title and are you intrigued?

Yes! you can now test your wet wipes before using them on your baby’s delicate skin.

Let me start by narrating my first experience using wet wipes for my older daughter. This was some 8 years ago when I first became a mommy. Along with it being a totally new experience for me, big Z was also the first baby in the family after decades, me being the oldest child. So, in spite of having elders who had loads of experience with kids, none of them we accustomed to the new ways.

So, when it came to making decisions about different aspects like diapers, wipes, rash creams, detergents etc etc, we were all very confused. While reading about it and talking to new moms said one thing, the experience of elders about these same things was totally different.

What eventually happened was a lot of trial and error to come decide on many of the aspects.

Wet wipes

Similar was the case with wipes – the elders had always used cloth and water and didn’t like the idea of using wipes. Also, going by the experience of new moms from various forums, many of them said that wipes caused rashes on the delicate skin of their babies. Me being a neatness freak would always have wipes around even before the kids.

So, I decided to try out the different wipes available. But as luck would have it, my lil one was getting a rash with most of the brands I tried. So, I made some DIY wipes for the nappy area with soft muslin cloth and water which would dispose after using.

Mother Sparsh Wipes

After going through this ordeal with my older one, I recently heard about Mother Sparsh wipes for babies which claim to be as good as cotton & water. This got me intrigued and I couldn’t wait to see if this claim was true. If it was, this would be a huge boon for moms and they could use these without any worries.

So, I got a pack to try it for myself. You can read about my experience on using these wipes and reasons why parents should choose Mother Sparsh wipes

The Flame test

While these wipes worked really well and I could see no rashes, nor any strong smells as well as a soft texture of the wipes, when I heard about the flame test that can be done to check the material of the wipes we use, I immediately wanted to try this out too.

For those who may not be aware, a flame test is a very simple method of holding the wipes over a flame and observing how it burn. Wipes that have any artificial material will burn similar to plastic and crumble and leave a very hard residue on the wipe, while those made of natural materials would bur similar to a cloth leaving behind just ash. Also, while burning a synthetic wipe, you will get a foul smell like that of plastic burning while with a natural material there will be little to no smell.

Here’s a small video of me carrying out this flame test.

As you would notice, there was no plasticky residue while burning the Mother Sparsh wet wipe but only ash. Also, no smells when it burnt. Thus, we can very confidently say that these wipes are really true to their claim and we can use these without any hesitation for our babies.

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