New moms already know everything about feeling overwhelmed. The baby’s in the house and things are chaotic, so in addition to diapers, feeding, chores, and the lack of sleep, you don’t get much time to think about getting in shape. It seems that everything else takes precedence, and while you’re blissfully happy to hold your little darling in your arms, it sure would be nice if your body would obey your wishes and finally get back to its old self.

Well, the whole process doesn’t need to be as hard as you think. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been struggling with this for a while or just recently given birth and don’t know where to start; there are some tips and tricks that will help even the busiest and most tired of moms slowly recover her health. Are you interested to know what those are? Then read on and enjoy!

Go for long walks

Walks are especially useful shortly after giving birth because you probably can’t, and you shouldn’t strain your body too much.

Walking can help you get back into the game slowly because you can do it in small increments. Start with 20 minutes a day, then move to half an hour, then try going for an hour.

You can also do brisk walking, and if you have an older infant you can take them with you in a stroller. It doesn’t matter whether you divide the time and walk in the morning and in the evening or do it all in one go, just do whatever’s easier to fit into your schedule.

Walking is pretty good at speeding up your metabolism and shaping up your legs and belly, and it’s definitely something you can opt for when you don’t have the energy for a more intense workout.

Breastfeed if you can

Breastfeeding is surprisingly good at burning calories! You can lose 500-800 calories a day from feeding your baby, so if it’s possible, do it. However, if there are medical issues, if you can’t get your baby to latch, if there’s any reason at all you are unable to accomplish this, don’t feel bad. Moms should never be shamed for their breastfeeding choices, so do what your health lets you do and be at peace with it.

Don’t eat empty calories

Soda drinks, store-bought juice, salty snacks, and junk food are all pretty much useless. The short-term pleasure you get from them just isn’t worth it, and you’d be surprised at the amount of sugar that can be found in fizzy drinks. It’s all empty calories with zero nutritional value, so skip the processed junk and enjoy fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and wholegrain toast.

Do meal prep

Eating healthy is easier said than done when you’re on a time constraint, but the one thing that can really make it a lot easier is preparing your meals in advance. Get a slow cooker and chop some meat and veggies to steam there overnight, and make big-batch meals that will last you at least three days. Here are some meal prep tips that you can try.

Try body sculpting

Take a tip from Aussie moms and stop sweating the small stuff. A lot of them are eager to ditch the baggy maternity wear and get back into light clothes and bathing suits that are much more pleasant in hot weather, and they’re not beyond cosmetic procedures to help the process along.

Things like coolsculpting in Perth are popular because it’s a safe, easy way to help shape your body, and it’s an awesome way to complement your diet and exercise. Your fat cells are frozen and then naturally flushed by your own body, and that stubborn pouch that won’t respond to exercise can finally be smoothed out.

Lift some light weights

You can go to the gym, you can invest in a set of light dumbbells, but you can also use your sweet baby and play around with them. Spend some time bonding as you raise them up in the air and laugh together! Exercising with your infant is a totally safe and fun way to get your workout done.

Take naps when you can

Lack of sleep can seriously mess up your metabolism and make fat loss really slow. Not only that, you will be lacking in energy so your sugar cravings will go through the roof as you fight to keep your body awake when it should really be getting some rest. Nap when the baby is sleeping, and put your own health before the chores.

Bond with other moms

It makes it a lot easier to deal with something when you’ve got people who are in the same boat as you are. Hang out with other moms, share tips and tricks, and encourage each other to eat well and stick to your goals.

Remember to take it easy and to always put your health first. Now’s not the time to be starting any crazy diets, so take it one step at a time, don’t stress, and enjoy spending time with your baby. Weight loss will slowly come.

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