We at Momsmethods have taken up a project to promote healthy eating habits in association with Blogchatter.

It is a general belief that healthy eating (sometimes synonymous with dieting) is difficult to achieve. We believe that #healthy eating is not restricting ourselves to just salads, nor does it have to be a boring or difficult affair. In fact, with some small lifestyle and habit changes, healthy eating can actually be fun and leaves you feeling energetic and healthy instead of guilty.

Documenting food habits is the first step towards healthy eating and this small activity added to our routine makes a huge contribution to our journey towards a healthy lifestyle

Exercise or Physical activity is the second step towards healthy eating and an improved lifestyle

How exercising helps healthy eating

There is nothing new when we state that exercise or physical activity is extremely beneficial for us all. We all know that. But exercising or even some minimum kind of physical activities (as recommended below) has some not so obvious health benefits.


  1. Helps improve food habits – Once you start some kind of physical activity, we automatically start watching what we eat. This happens because we do not want the effort we have put in to exercise to be wasted by consuming unhealthy food.
  2. Helps reduce stress and anxiety – The chemicals released during and after just 20 minutes of exercise are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Improves sleep – Regular physical helps treat insomnia, improve the quality of your sleep and helps sleep faster and for longer
  4. Helps improve memory and boost brain power – Exercise increases blood flow which pumps more oxygen to the brain. Research shows that just 20 minutes of exercise regularly is enough to improve your memory
  5. Improves confidence – Exercise helps gain physical strength, which in turn promotes mental strength. It makes you realize that you are moving towards your goal and this helps boost your confidence and feel better about yourself.

Tips to keep motivated to exercise

Adding exercise into our routine is easier said than done. Even if we are motivated enough to start – join a gym or a yoga class, maintaining that momentum is often the difficult part. We start with going daily to 5 days a week, which then reduces to alternate days and then it’s a constant battle just motivating ourselves to go every single time we think we should (coz of fees paid or instructor calling). Here are some simple tips that help keep the momentum and motivation on when it comes to exercising.

  1. Group fitness – I find group fitness activities to be extremely effective in keeping the momentum on. Having a group of friends with similar fitness goals is a good motivation for one another since we can keep a check on each other along with pushing each other towards the common goal.
  2. Visual log – Having a visual log of the days we exercised and the days we didn’t is a good way to push ourselves too. Looking at so many big red crosses for days we have not managed to exercise helps push us not to miss our routine.
  3. Dress up – making sure you have some new fitness wear is another good motivating factor to push us to hitting the gym or getting out for some exercise
  4. Bribe yourself – Bribing ourselves on achieving certain targets is another good way to keep the momentum on. Something like if we hit the gym for at least 5 days in the week then on the 5th day we can shop for something new or go for a movie or get a new book ; anything that you fancy.

Momsmethods recommends

For those of us who get bored easily and do not like the same gym routine (weights- cardio- weights- cardio) momsmethods recommends the following activities that are not very monotonous and keep it interesting

  1. Sports – This is one of the best way to include physical exercise without getting bored. Sport combines group activity and the competitive spirit that comes with it and keeps it interesting and fun
  2. Walking at home – For those of us who are not able to find time to step out of our homes, there are many wonderful videos available online that help you walk at home. These are really fun and quite interactive as well. My favorite ones are the Leslie mile walks
  3. Martial arts – Joining a martial arts class too is a great physical exercise and an amazing stress buster too.
  4. Cross fit training – Cross fit training is another interesting group exercise which involves a different set of activity every day and keeps it interesting
  5. Dance – For those that enjoy shaking a leg, dancing is the best form of exercise.

So far we have covered Documenting food habits and Exercise – the first 2 steps to our #healthyeating journey. Follow our #BlogchatterProject #momshealthyeating for more tips to help achieve a healthy lifestyle3.

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    Exercising is very important to keep oneself healthy which i always miss because i am sooo lazy! I will surely try to start doing it from new year 🙂

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    Loved these tips! If I wear exercising gear, I feel more energetic and positive. One must keep buying new exercising gear that keeps us on our toes to go and exercise

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    I also get bored easily with same gym routine so your recommendations are quite interesting. And yes, I feel dance works like magic. It not only good for health it heals the soul too. I feel happy when I dance. thanks for sharing.

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    I must say reading this post is motivation enough for me to get going.. i love cycling and needed that extra motivational push to start at it again and your words have done that for me.

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