Have you tried analyzing how the body functions when you get ill?

Let’s take a simple example of a common cold. When we catch a cold we experience uncomfortable symptoms like a runny nose, congestion, sneezing and sometimes low-grade temperature. This lasts for around 3 to 5 days in most cases and then we’re back to normal.

Let us try to understand what actually transpires.  When a virus enters our body, being a foreign object, the natural tendency of our body is to eliminate it. It does so by making us sneeze, generate mucus etc.   These defense mechanisms are triggered by our immune system to retain our healthy state.

Another example of this is when we get a cut, the healing power within our body works on sealing the cut.  Leftover germs and impurities are eliminated by formation of pus

We have been gifted with “Immunity or healing power” which helps us remain healthy. So it is imperative for us to try to maintain its powers so as to lead a healthy life free from illness. Also, we should know why our immune system fails and the role of naturopathy

The immune system gets weaker due to improper eating habits, lack of sleep and mostly due to a lifestyle which our bodies are not capable of sustaining for a long duration. Some of these are unavoidable and some are bad habits inculcated over the course of our lives.

Our immune system can be boosted to help us heal faster and be more resilient. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could do this using natural foods/methods? And this is what the concept behind naturopathy is.

Here is an example:

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and there is no breaking news there. But when used along with a tablespoon of honey, it becomes a great cough syrup. In fact, having a spoon every morning is a great routine for kids or adults prone to cold/coughs. This helps in improving immunity against common colds, cough or sore throats. And it tastes much better than cough syrup 🙂


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I have been working in the software technology services space for over 15 years. In my professional life I help in implementing quality standards like ISO, CMMi & Six Sigma to make developers and testers jobs easier & process oriented. Through this blog I am sharing similar techniques coupled with age old wisdom from my mom and grand mom to make our living healthier and medicine free. To work in any new field, it helps if you read and train too, and I did the same. Have got a diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai to enhance my knowledge and skills on this topic that I am passionate about

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