After Understanding the benefits of fasting and knowing about the different fast to remain healthy or to combat illness we come to the most important aspect of fasting i.e the breaking of fast. Fasting would yield the maximum benefit only when the fast is broken following the correct process depending on the type of fast.

Method of breaking fast

Very often when we fast(esp spiritual ones), we end it with a feast – think iftaar, karvachauth, gatari etc. But when you fast to remain healthy or to combat illness, there are specific practices that need to be followed in order to achieve the results that you are looking for

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Dr Edward Dewy in his book ‘The no breakfast plan & the fasting cure’ has stated “Even fools know how to fast, only the wise know how to break it”

While breaking the fast do not be in a hurry but before breaking it

  • Pray to God
  • Have warm water first
  • Then start with a fruit or fruit juice. Fruits like grapes, orange, sweet lime, watermelon are recommended
  • Then after about 15 to 30 mins of consuming the fruit have a couple of dates followed by some salad or cereal or sprouts
  • The next meal onwards you can start having cooked food but refrain from overeating, The tendency of overeating increases after fasting so this must be controlled

Helpful tips and Precautions while fasting

  • Physical, as well as mental rest, are essential to conserve energy and remove the toxins from the body so while fasting we must ensure that we are getting both
  • During a fast, the heat produced by the body decreases and it is easy to catch a cold, so hot foot bath will help prevent this
  • Drinking more water helps in quicker elimination of wastes
  • There is a misconception that fasting makes a person week and people generally resort to drinking milk. This should be avoided and the proper method of fasting (fasting in health & fasting in illness) should be followed
  • Another misconception is that we must not exercise but just lie down while fasting, but actually, certain yoga asanas, pranayamas and yogic kriyas that are recommended for fasting are helpful in quick elimination of toxins
  • Sunbath too increases the vitality of the body during fasts
  • Fasting is contraindicated in
    1. Pregnancy
    2. After Delivery
    3. While breastfeeding
    4. Tuberculosis
    5. Cancer
    6. Night Blindness
    7. Rickets
    8. Vitamin deficiency diseases

Also, there is a great difference between fasting and starvation and you need to ensure that you are not starving your body but follow the proper methods recommended (fasting in health & fasting in illness)

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