After knowing the benefits of fasting, and the methods of fasting when healthy, let us now look at the methods of fasting during illness

Fasting during illness

During illness, our power of digestion weakens as a result of which
– There is no feeling of hunger
– There is no taste for food
– there is no proper assimilation of food.
Also, we get a yellowish coating on the tongue.
In such a condition till the natural feeling of hunger is restored or till the coating disappears we should not force ourselves to eat anything, especially cooked food. You should have have warm water, lemon water, honey water (both warm) and/ or fruit and vegetable juices that are recommended for the illness that you are suffering from. 

Kiddie tip : Even before my 3 yr old starts showing physical symptoms of a viral or throat infection, she starts getting picky and fussy while eating. So to figure out if its really because of her going to fall ill or is it a general tantrum, I check for the coating on the tongue. This helps me in figuring out how to deal with it – tantrum or illness 🙂

For some illness special fasting is recommended. They are as follows.
(These should be followed under medical supervision)

Total Fast

These are mostly recommended in cases of illnesses related to the digestive system. In such a fast no solids nor water is to be taken and this is generally done for a period of one to 2 days. A more relaxed version of this is the Water fast where warm water, lemon water and honey water is permissible only when thirsty

Partial Fasts

Barring cooked foods, one can resort to
Juice fast : here fresh fruit and vegetable juices are to be taken of fruits and vegetables that are usefuk to combat the illness that you are trying to eliminate based on juice therapy

Fruit fast : If one is not able to control their hunger then specific fruits can be taken per meal 1 per meal time, You need to ensure that the fruit that you consume should be in accordance of the illness that you are trying to cure

Mono food fast : This fast is used to combat certain illnesses where a certain food will be very beneficial. So other that that particular fruit or vegetable, you have to refrain from eating any other food. Warm water, honey and lemon water to be consumed

Also when fasting, you will not immediately benefit from the fasts but there shall be a healing crisis. This needs to be tackled appropriately and patiently. Also while breaking the fast there is a particular method that needs to be followed.

And once you start experience the benefits of fasting, this becomes a part of your routine life 🙂

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