Women are known for their superpowers and multitasking abilities. But often, while trying to meet everyone’s needs, taking care of themselves comes very low on their priority list. So, to help women pamper and groom themselves VLCC’s Vanity Cube has made it easy by providing Salon service at our doorstep by professional and expert beauticians.

To know more about Vanity Cube and their services we welcome you to our Beauty Blog Train. This blog train will stop at various stations where you can read some great anecdotes and ways of enjoying the salon at home with VLCC Vanity Cube. Don’t forget to collect the offers and codes!

I was just back from a very tiring vacation where skincare was totally ignored. So, for that extra bit of pampering, I booked their Eniva Clarifying and De-pigmentation facial as well as threading for eyebrows and upper lip.


The booking process is really simple. Just download the vanity cube app, sign up and you are ready to go. They have various services available and they have been segregated well under categories like Hair, Face, Waxing, Hands and Feet, Makeup, Massage etc. They also have a package category where the common services are clubbed with some great discounts


The service was commendable, right from start to finish. My beautician called me in the morning to confirm my appointment which was for the evening. She also repeated the services that I had selected to make sure we were on the same page. She arrived on time and explained to me in detail the steps of this particular facial. Since the Eniva facial is a bit different than the regular facials, she explained all the steps to me. What I liked a lot was that the products came in small sized tubes and one is sufficient for one use. So, all of them were unsealed in front of me and used and finished.


Coming to the actual procedure for the facial, It started like a regular facial with cleansing. Post cleansing, there was a mask application for 10 minutes. This was a mask cum exfoliator and so post the mask drying there was a gentle massage. The beautician was trained and highly skilled. Since I have been trained in acupressure, I could say that she was massaging the points really very accurately.

Post-exfoliation there was steam, cleanup of blackheads, and then another massage session for 20 minutes. I must say, this was the best facial massage I have got and enjoyed it. The massage also covered the back as well as acupressure points on the hands. Post this another mask and then finally a serum to lock in the moisture. Totally loved the results achieved.

The threading too was very gentle and accurate and perfect



When it comes to home parlor services I am sometimes skeptical since I sometimes wonder about the hygiene, especially if I have to clean-up after the services. Vanity cube exceeded all expectations in this department. They had a disposable cover which was used on my bed along with clean and laundered sheets to cover myself during the facial. There was absolutely no mess and completely cleaned up the area once the facial was complete.


One would think that with all these facilities, they might be pricey, but here too they score full marks. All their services are budget friendly, and nothing more than we would spend at any parlor. Their best part is the packages which are really economical.

So overall I would rate them 5/5 coz everything was as per and beyond expectations. Am definitely going to use their services on a regular basis and will definitely recommend all my friends to opt for this convenient home pampering. After all, we all deserve the best.

Thanks, Farhat of justinquisitive.com for my introduction. Our Blog train will now stop at Nivedita’s station. Nivedita is a  Delhi based beauty enthusiast who loves quintessential experiences.Her love for fashion and beauty can be easily seen in her articles. So hop on to the next station and find out, what she has to say about Vlcc vanity cube!

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    I too rely on VLCC Vanity cube for my grooming services as the brand offers quality & satisfaction. I really admire the trained & polite staff they send over. Really recommend.

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    For long, I am trying for such home service coz visiting the salon everytime is a bit difficult. But in Kolkata you didnt get any. I dont even know, VLCC has that service for kolkata or not.

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