Momsmethods has taken up a project to promote healthy eating habits in association with Blogchatter. It is a general belief that healthy eating (sometimes synonymous with dieting) is difficult to achieve. Mainly because it is often associated with eating only raw fruits and vegetables or salads. This becomes boring in the long run and also difficult to sustain.

Momsmethods believes that #healthy eating does not involve restricting ourselves to just salads, nor does it have to be a boring or difficult affair. In fact, with some small lifestyle and habit changes, healthy eating can actually be fun and leaves you feeling energetic and healthy instead of guilty. Follow our posts on #momshealthyeating #blogchatterprojects to know more and begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle

Documenting your food habits

Documenting your food habits is the first step in your healthy eating journey. Having a daily food log is like visualizing your entire day’s meals and snacks/ bitings in front of you. Often we don’t realize about our food portions or don’t account for our small snacking when we think about what we ate during the day. This might lead us to have a wrong understanding of our food habits.

Benefits of documenting food habits

  • It gives us an overall snapshot at a glance of all that you have eaten during the day
  • Documenting also accounts for the small snacking that is generally ignored if not documented
  • Having a log helps in reminding us to include certain foods and avoid those that are harmful but form a major part of our diets
  • It helps us understand the number of times we are eating restaurant or packaged food and keep a watch to avoid/ reduce the same
  • Watching our eating habits also acts as a motivator to push us towards exercising and moving towards a healthier lifestyle

How to document food habits

Documenting food habits is very simple and easy. Since we are so inseparable from our smartphones and they are always around us, we can make use of the various apps available that help to jot down what we eat. Not only that, these apps also help in counting calories consumed, recommend the calories we should intake based on our needs or weight loss, getting fitter or eating healthier. These apps also recommend different recipes we can try. Some of these apps also can be synced with our fitness devices/ fit bits and we can get a complete picture of calories burned v/s calories consumed

I have tried a few of these apps and would recommend Healthifyme which is as per our Indian foods and has a vast list of dishes and their approximate calories, which makes it very easy for us to understand our eating habits and calories consumed.

Another good app that I liked a lot is MyFitnessPal. Beyond its calorie counter and nutrition tracker, MyFitnessPal has a massive and active community of users, all eager to welcome newcomers and happy to trade recipes, tricks, meal plans, and stories about their successes and failures

For the not-so-tech savvy, you can use the traditional method of writing down what you are in a diary or a book or an excel sheet too.

How documenting food habits helps improve lifestyle

At the end of every week or a predefined time period, we must take a tab of our habits during that week/ time period. Look at the logs for the time period and ask and answer these questions

  • Did I eat healthy meals?
  • Did I have filling foods (including water) with every meal or every snack?
  • Did I eat enough fruits, vegetables, and fiber from whole grains?
  • Did I plan for healthy snacking to help conquer cravings?
  • Did I keep portions small?
  • Did I limit sugary, high-calorie foods and beverages?
  • Did I eat when I was not hungry? If yes, what was I feeling or doing that made me eat?

This helps us understand our current shortcomings based on our goals and we can make the necessary changes.

Start this first step and take out a few minutes every day to document your food habits and see the difference it makes.

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    Sabeeka I would like to thank you for taking this project.. In today’s era where we have started depending on junk food.. Your post is like an eye opener 😃 Keep writing such healthy posts..

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    I am keeping an eye on all the posts from you hence on. Lovely project – can connect to the thought ‘healthy doesn’t mean eating raw veggie & fruits’.
    Keep up the good work and I am a regular now at your blog and take inspiration.

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    I never gave a thought of documenting food habits though I keep timing in mind. But, this is something beneficial in all aspects as one can document not only about the foods, but other necessary eating items like fruits and others. Thanks for sharing this!

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    I do document food especially when I go on diet. I use mobile app for that that helps me understand my calrorie intake and its really important for weightloss, people with BP and sugar issues. I loved reading your post and trust me its really good for a healthy lifestyle to follow a food documentation.

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    I neva keep an eye on my food habits…. N in my case intake of food is very rare…..or u can say I follow the most unhealthy routine….. I don’t even track calories…… U post is an alarm for me to keep an eye on my food habits…..

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    Your blog post is truly inspirational! Being a fitness freak myself, i like to educate people about eating clean and your post will be shared now to my fellow colleagues and friends!

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    Such a great project you have taken. Documenting food habits can keep track how much you eat junk or high calorie food in a day. Thanks for sharing such amazing idea.

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