A few days ago, I saw a picture of feet shaped running shoes and the tagline was something like this “wear these shoes and you’ll feel so comfortable as though you are walking or running barefoot”. This reminded me of walks I used to go for with my grandfather. We would go early morning every day during all holidays. And after a regular walk, we would stroll for almost half an hour barefoot on the grass. These early morning walks were so refreshing. After studying naturopathy I got to know the actual science behind this. In fact, there are different mediums that you can walk on for different benefits.

How does it work?

Our earth has a negative electric potential. So when the human body comes in contact with the earth, we receive the electrons from the earth, bringing our body to the same electrical potential as that of the earth.This is called earthing.

For more details on earthing, there is a book called “‘Earthing the most important health discovery ever’ ” which you can refer to. Research has shown that these electrons have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and thus are helpful to us physically as well as psychologically.

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Benefits of walking on different mediums

Walking barefoot on wet grass

Walking barefoot on wet grass is most effective if the grass is naturally wet by morning dew, but if you want to do this some other time during the day you can simply water the grass as well.Grass walking can extend from 15 to 45 minutes

Benefits: This helps in better circulation, better posture, wakes up dormant muscles of the foot and thus helps in reducing aches, pains, varicose veins. According to some studies, inflammation is one of the causes of a number of diseases like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and since the earth electrons have anti-inflammatory properties, walking barefoot will help fasten treatment for these diseases. Also psychologically, it is a very refreshing feeling to walk barefoot on grass and it helps to relieve stress and depression.

Precautions: Wipe feet dry after this before wearing your socks or shoes

Walking barefoot on wet stone

For this, you need to water a floor made of stone and start walking on it when the water just begins to evaporate. This should be done only from 3 to maximum 15 minutes.

Benefits: Helpful for those suffering from throat infections, cataract, headaches, and congestion. Along with this, all other benefits of walking on wet grass apply as well.

Walking barefoot over newly fallen snow

This is a very powerful method though you would need some courage to take the first few steps 🙂 a  very pleasant reaction follows. Time limit of this is 2 to 3 minutes only. (I have never tried this so not sure of even being able to go for that long)

Benefits: This is particularly found of use in chilblains and severe toothaches.

Walking in water

Here you need to fill a long tub of water up to your calf and walk in this. to begin this you should practice this for a minute and then can gradually extend for maximum 3 to 4 minutes. People who are prone to catching a cold should do this in lukewarm water

Benefits: This is beneficial to those suffering from diseases of kidney, bowels and, bladder. It also helps to relieve chest congestion, expels gas from the stomach and helps to cure headaches and acidity.

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