Momsmethods is back again introducing you to another power-packed woman – Rakhi Aggarwal. I met Rakhi a couple of years ago at a Badminton and Fitness class. She had such positive vibes. Our initial interactions were just a hi, hello followed by me trying to match up to just half of her workout routine (unsuccessfully !?!). Just by watching her follow her routine, her dedication was visible.

Soon, looking at my attempt to get back to fitness, she started giving me some wonderful tips on how I could slowly build my strength – after all, post the kiddos this was my first attempt at a rigorous freestyle training. As I got to know her better, her passion for art, cooking, children were very evident. We developed an amazing friendship too and I got to know so many different and inspirational sides of her.

Rakhi, a mom of 2 – a teenage boy and a growing girl, an upcoming artist, teacher to underprivileged children, an amazing cook, superb at planning events – in conversation with Momsmethods.

Multiple canvas painting by Rakhi

Tell us something about yourself

Well, I’ve done MSC in Textiles and was teaching as a faculty before my second one was born. After that, we shifted from our hometown. Being in a nuclear set up with no other family around, I chose to take a break from my job and concentrate on my kids. As the kids grew, I went back to my passion for teaching by working with Teach for India. Also, having some time at hand, I’m pursuing my passion for art by learning and interacting with artists. I also create art and teach young kids too.

Glass mosaic coffee table top by Rakhi

I know you play badminton well. What else do you follow in your routine to stay fit?

Yes, I go to play badminton. There, before that actual badminton practice and games, we do strength, agility and other training. It includes running, exercises like squats, crunches etc. The days I don’t go to badminton or I take the month off I go either for a walk or for swimming. I keep one exercise at least for a day and off on weekends.  I think 5 days a week is good enough for exercise. Neither more nor less.

When were you detected with hypothyroidism? Are there any specific things that you follow to keep your levels under control? Any advice you would like to share with our readers.

I got detected with hypothyroid during my first pregnancy around 14 yrs ago. I’m taking regular medication since then. First thing in the morning. I try not to forget. And I try a regular routine of exercise because I get very lethargic if I don’t exercise. It makes me more active and helps me get going at least.

It is just a myth that people suffering from thyroid problems are fat and cannot lose weight. I believe that if you take care of your health and include some exercise in your routine, there’s no stopping you from being healthy and fit.

How did you pick up painting?

When I was working, during the free time between lectures, while gossiping we also used to paint. I started with Warli and it is still my favorite art. In BSc, I had fashion designs as a subject so had a good hand. Once I started painting more and more I received support from everyone around me. Mainly my husband, who has supported me throughout emotionally, mentally and financially. You know that this hobby is a very expensive one but not once has he asked me to stop. In fact, he has put all my paintings in our living room, proudly showcasing my art. As most men, he does not use any cheesy words but this is his way to show appreciation. My laws also used to encourage as well as support me. They used to appreciate my work. I get energy and support from my parents’ side too as well as friends. This used to motivate me even more. I later joined an advanced course conducted by some renowned artists which helped me learn and improve my techniques.

Warli painting by Rakhi

You have maintained a wonderful balance taking care of your kids along with following your passion for art. Can you give us some tips to be able to maintain that balance?

The only rule I follow is to be happy and let others also be happy.  I try to take care of my kids’ requirements and be with them when they need me. They should feel I’m available even if I’m too busy. Now, they don’t need me for everything but they want me around which gives me a good “wanted” type of feeling. Along with them, I take care of myself as well. I think if the homemaker is not happy – the home cannot be a happy home.

Lord Ganesha by Rakhi

Any tips for our young and budding artists

I’m still a budding artist myself. Ask this question to some artist 😊. But the fact is any form of art be it singing, dancing, painting or other form is a good stress buster. There is a sense of achievement when my kids tell someone my mom is an artist. So I would say its never to late to follow your passions. They are what will make you happy internally and help you grow and glow.

What advice would you give new mothers on helping their children follow their passions.

Well, I think we can live our childhood once again with our children but we should be careful not to force our passion on them. They are individuals and should be treated like one. The key is let them explore their passion and find out their ways to express.  The kids nowadays are already very smart and exposed to so much around them. Just simply pointing them in the right direction, or just being around them is all the help they need

Colours by Rakhi



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