Did you know baby skin is three times thinner and delicate compared to that of adults? This is the reason why they are so prone to skin rashes and allergies. Especially in the early infant years, when their skin is in the process of maturing and thickening, we need to take special care in selecting all the skin products we use for them. With more and more mothers turning towards natural products, it is important to know which products at the counter are truly genuine.

I remember my mother telling me that my grandmother always insisted on using only cotton for wiping us as infants. So it was cotton dipped in water for anything and everything related to babies, be it wiping the mouth area after a meal, face cleansing or wiping after the endless potty trips, it was cotton and cotton and more cotton. So much so, even while bathing, my granny insisted that wet cotton be used to lather soap over the baby’s skin as the mother’s hands may be rough for the baby’s skin. A little too much of granny taunts isn’t it?

Well yes, as a new mother, I also did the same thing for quite sometime till I got tired of the indefinite ballgame of cotton wetting, especially while going out. We tried several wipes for my baby but always that little soapy residue over the skin would constantly bother me. And sometimes even the fragrance is too strong to be handled.

So now that you’ve decided to pick up baby wipes, the next question is how to choose a good brand of wipes. There are so many out there that it can be confusing to pick one. After a lot of trial and error, I have learnt that it is essential to check if the wipes are chemical free because it is these chemicals that cause rashes to the baby.

How to choose Wipes for your baby

It is good to be aware of the list of chemicals generally used as ingredients in baby wipes:

  1. Paraben – This is widely used as a preservative in many products. This has a tendency to dehydrate the baby’s skin
  2. Alcohol – This can cause irritation and burning sensation to the baby skin
  3. Polyster – These are usually used by companies for cost saving purpose but do harm to your baby’s skin.

MotherSparsh baby wipes caught my attention as they are free of all the above chemicals and are 98% water based.

Why do I recommend Mother Sparsh Wipes

So from the medical point of view, here is why I would recommend Mother Sparsh wipes

  1. Soft as cotton and pure as water, these wipes are gentle to the baby’s skin. Made with plant based fabric, with no added fragrances, perfect for the baby’s delicate skin
  2. They keep the baby’s skin moisturized. Otherwise the constant washing and wiping, makes the baby skin dry over a period of time
  3. For all the eco friendly mothers, be rest assured that these wipes are 100 % bio degradable. So you can feel good about being in sync with nature and taking care of it. Something you can teach your babies as they get older
  4. No added alcohol and paraben free which means that these wipes are free of harmful ingredients that may harm the baby’s skin

From the convenience point of view, why these wipes are my favorite are:

  1. These wipes can be used on the baby’s face as well without any fear. So it works out extremely convenient to carry a packet or two of these wipes in your handbag at all times. Even when the baby spits up, it is easy to clean.
  2. These wipes have a good shelf life. That is to say that these wipes come with a sticker at the opening. So you can easily pull out the wipes as needed and the remaining can be stored as it is, without losing the moisture by sealing the sticker correctly.
  3. They are easy on your pocket and come in packets of varying sizes – 15 pieces in one or 20 in one etc. So you can choose according to your convenience and also avail good discounts over big purchases.
  4. These wipes are widely available at most medical stores in your cities and at all online stores.

So go out and grab your pack of Mothers Sparsh wipes and give me your feedback

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Kalyani Nair

Kalyani is a passionate musician, a mother of two kids, now turning into a creative writer. She has been in the South Indian film industry for over 10 years as a singer, arranger, and performer. Her projects have been mainly in Tamil industry and a few in Malayalam and Telugu. She has also been involved in the choir and independent music field as well. For the last five years, after her first child, she has taken to understanding natural healing methods more and more.

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