Colors are very closely connected to our emotions.

“Morning Blues”, “Green with envy”, “Purple with rage”, “Pink of health”

We often use colors to describe how we are feeling as well.  While dressing up too, we tend to wear vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange when we are really happy, and choose the dull grays when we are not so happy. It is a known fact that colors do affect one’s feelings, moods and emotions. But a not so known fact is that colors can be used for healing the body too based on their electrical and healing properties.

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The color Red

The color red is most commonly associated with Love. But actually, other than love, it is the single most dynamic and passionate color that symbolizes courage and rage too. Red is a very powerful and emotional color. Those who select the color red are aggressive, impulsive and strive for success.

Chromotherapy and the color red

Action –  Warming
Health Impact – Nerve stimulant, general tonic, a special effect on sympathetic nervous system
Helpful in – Cold, Low BP, Rheumatism, Bronchitis, Bruises, TB, To dry weeping eczema, in case of danger of hemorrhage

Practical implementation of chromotherapy for the color red

One of the ways to derive these benefits of the color red is using charged oil and/or water. Both oil and water can be charged using sunlight.

You will need a red glass bottle or jar. If this is not available then use a plain glass bottle and red cellophane paper

Method: If you are using a  plain bottle, cover the bottle using the cellophane paper on all sides including the bottom. Fill this bottle with the oil or water(not more than 2/3rd of the bottle should have oil or water). Keep it on a wooden surface or a plank or wooden tray and expose this to sunlight. We use a wooden or a non-conducting surface so that the energy does not return back to earth when the bottle is kept on the ground.

Duration for charging:
– For oil, Exposure to sunlight for minimum two months will help achieve maximum potency. If kept in sufficient sunlight the oil will be charged for almost a year
– For water, two full days of sunlight is sufficient to achieve maximum potency and this would lose its charge in about two weeks. Water gets charged as well as loses it much faster than oil
– Keeping the oil or water for more time than prescribes above is not harmful but we must change the cellophane if it starts to fade. Also, this water or oil should not be refrigerated.

Where to use red charged water and oil?

  • Red charged mustard oil or sesame oil is great for massaging babies, especially in the monsoon and winters
  • When the kids get a cold, I rub red charged mustard oil on their backs and then apply little camphor on that. It is very helpful to relieve their congestion.
  • Massaging aching joints with red charged oil helps improve circulation as well as relieves pain.
  • Drinking red charged water in the morning will help you stay energized throughout the day

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    Wow. I had no clue about such effects of color and specifically red. I used to find it bright and loud but over time, I have developed a fascination towards it, so much so that my son’s wardrobe has mostly red tees. Thank you for an insightful article.

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    I too believe in colour therapy n your post reminded of the points which I had missed in those years. Once again, it got revived by your post. Thank U.
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