Have you ever thought of the effect that colors have on us? We feel so peaceful when we look at the blue sea and huge green fields. Whereas looking at bright red, orange and yellow colors make us feel lively and energetic. Using this very principle, Dr. Edwin D Babbit developed a therapy called Chromotherapy.
Chromotherapy is a method of healing through the effective use of color. Every color has a different kind of effect on our body and using this each color has a different therapeutic effect.


Action – Increases and stimulates hormones
Helps in the utilization of calcium and phosphorous readily
Diminishes pathological blood sugar without any disturbance to normal blood sugar
Stimulates formation of antibodies and thus increases resistance to bacterial diseases
Helpful in – Insomnia, Cancer, Arthritis, Difficult labor, Nervous and emotional disturbances


Action – Stimulant and non-irritant
Soothing for eyes, ears and central nervous system
Helpful in – fatigue, migraine, deafness, hard womb, insomnia, depression


Action – Sedative and is anti-inflammatory
Diminishes pain
Anesthetic action
Helpful in – anesthetic action for minor operations like tooth extractions, good for conditions like hypertension, skin diseases, malnutrition, old ulcers, fertile conditions, asthma, profuse menstrual flow, insomnia, dysentery and colic


Action – Mild sedative
normalizes nerve function and strengthens eyesight  anesthetic action
Helpful in – can be used to cure Hysteria, Uterine inflammation, Involuntary seminal discharge, cold, hay fever, ulcers, syphilis, malaria, weeping eczema, rheumatism and after effects of appendectomy


Action – Laxative and Purgative
Stimulant for brain, liver, and spleen
Helpful in – Brain disorder, Sluggish liver, and nerves, paralysis, Syphilis, Constipation, Diabetes, Eye defects, throat infections, Kidney diseases


Action – Warming effect on the body
Stimulates blood vessels and nerves
Helpful in – Slow Pulse rate, Hernia, Deficient milk flow after childbirth and Kidney & Gall Stones


Action – Warming
Nerve stimulant
General Tonic
Special effect on sympathetic nervous system
Helpful in – Cold, Low BP, Rheumatism, Bronchitis, Bruises, TB, To dry weeping eczema, in case of danger of hemorrhage

Just knowing the benefits of all the colors is not sufficient. We must know how these can be used practically. Making colored water and oils is one of the practical application of using chromotherapy.

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