Most often we dress according to our mood. If we are happy and cheerful we tend to choose bright clothes and on days we are grumpy most often we dress in greys or dull tones. This is because colors do affect us in many ways. Chromotherapy uses this therapeutic effect of colors to help to cure various ailments.

Oil and Water charging

One of the ways to derive these benefits of colors is using charged oil and/or water.Both oil and water can be charged using sunlight.


You will need a glass bottle or jar of the color you want to charge. If this is not available then use plain glass bottle cellophane paper of the color you want to use and Suitable Oil or water (Suitable oil explained below)


If you are using a  plain bottle cover the bottle using the cellophane paper on all sides including the bottom. Fill this bottle with the oil or water(not more than 2/3rd of the bottle should have oil or water). Keep it on a wooden surface or a plank or wooden tray and expose this to sunlight. We use a wooden or a non-conducting surface so that the energy does not return back to earth when the bottle is kept on the ground.

Duration for charging

– For oil, Exposure to sunlight for minimum two months will help achieve maximum potency. If kept in sufficient sunlight the oil will be charged for almost a year
– For water, two full days of sunlight is sufficient to achieve maximum potency and this would lose its charge in about two weeks, so water gets charged as well as loses it much faster than oil
– Keeping the oil or water for more time than prescribes above is not harmful but we must change the cellophane if it starts to fade. Also, this water or oil should not be refrigerated

Suitable Oils

Oils by itself have heating or cooling properties. eg, Coconut oil is a cool oil whereas mustard oil or sesame oil are considered to be warm oils. So if we want to use blue or green charged oil, which are cool colors, our choice of oil should be coconut oil (have you realized that coconut oils are mostly sold in blue bottles.. it is for the same reason:)). Whereas if we need a red or orange colored charged oil we should go in for mustard, linseed or sesame oil.

Some of the common oils and charged waters that I use

  1. My elder daughter was born in the monsoon., so for massaging her I used the following oils: Sun charged olive oil, Red charged mustard oil,  Red charged sesame oil, Sun charged mustard oil and sun charged sesame oil. Used a different oil daily, when it started to get hot or humid, I used the olive oil more frequently.
  2. My younger one was born in summer, so I didn’t use the red charged oils mentioned above but instead of that used blue charged coconut oil, sun charged olive oil and multani mithi aka. fullers earth with rose water.
  3. Green and red water are useful for digestion, so on an upset stomach, drink a few sips of green water 15 minutes before your meal and few sips of red water 15 minutes after your meal
  4. When the kids get a cold, I rub red charged mustard oil on their backs and then apply a little camphor on that. It is very helpful to relieve their congestion.
  5. Those who have weak eyes, splash green charged water in your eyes daily, it would help in better eyesight as well as reduces eye irritations.
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