Monsoon – From providing some respite from the blazing summer heat to helping farmers with their crops and cities to fill their reservoirs, everyone awaits this season. Children enjoy getting wet, playing in the puddles and most of all enjoy that occasional holiday they get due to extremely heavy rains. However, with this wonderful season, you are also exposed to some diseases. Here are some of the common illnesses/ diseases that come with monsoons and corrective/ preventive measures for the same.

In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to have some simple but effective methods that would help prevent the common monsoon infections and help build your immunity as well as of your children? Follow these simple, yet effective methods to help you and your children sail through this season and enjoy its pleasures.

Recipe for Tulsi Kadha a magical concoction

The leaves of the Tulsi plant have marvelous properties. It is a powerful anti-viral agent and is full of anti-oxidants. A regular intake of Tulsi builds up immunity from viral fevers, coughs, and colds. It is also a great fighter of respiratory allergies.

You can make a simple concoction by just boiling 4-5 leaves in a glass of water till it is half the quantity, add a tsp of honey to it and drink. Alternatively, you could follow another tulsi kadha recipe, which simply works like magic in this season.  Having this daily or even on alternate days is a great immunity booster.

I also add a couple of finely chopped tulsi leaves to my daals, curries or even parathas sometimes. It gives a wonderful taste and is a good option for small children who might be fussy when it comes to drinking the concoction.

Benefits of nuts

Nuts help build up immunity by proving a good natural source of essential nutrients such as Zinc, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin E. I keep nuts in transparent jars on my dining table and so they are generally consumed as a small snack in between meals.

The best way to consume these during monsoons is with milk. I make a powder with almonds, pistachios, cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg. Heat milk, add a tsp of sugar or honey and a tsp of this milk powder. It’s an immediate energy booster at the same time helps build immunity too.

Benefits of spices like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric

Spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, and cinnamon are naturally antibiotic and antiseptic in nature. Monsoons are the perfect weather for soups and warm teas too so include these ingredients for added benefit.

My favorite is cinnamon and turmeric milk as well as ginger, lemon, and honey tea. Both these provide a nice warm feeling in the cold rains. Floral teas too are very refreshing. All of these ingredients help build immunity.

A nice warm bath

During monsoons, skin folds and more commonly the feet suffer from irritation and itchy rash and infections by fungus and/or bacteria. Neem leaves have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. They are the best to use in your bathing water to prevent all kinds of skin problems.

Take 30-40 neem leaves and boil them in 2 liters of water. Add this water to your bath water for amazing results. Alternatively, if you do not have sufficient time for this every day, use this amazing natural neem soap for similar results.

Rest, rest, rest

What better than cuddling in a comfy blanket and sleeping in this amazing weather. Sleep is of utmost importance when it comes to building the immunity. And all the above benefits would not function to their fullest if you are not well rested. A good sleep is one of the most important factors to building your immunity and staying strong. So, now you don’t need any other excuse to snuggle into that blanket and “zzzz”

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    Completely agree with the points mentioned by you Sabeeka. Ginger, Spices and Turmeric are my go to things to increase the immunity of my daughter and also cure in cold and cough.

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    Amazing tips for building immunity and to stay healthy during this monoon. I agree thiese two are more important for our peace and happiness during rains. Happy to join with you for #Monsoonblogging !!!

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    The tips you have shared are honestly I am Following at my home. I must say Home remedies are real immunity boosters that really works

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    Neem leaves bath sounds good. I need to try as my daughter is facing some allergy this season. And the concoction you mentioned is quite impressive. I have written and pasted it on my kitchen wall.

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    Shreemayee Chattopadhyay on

    These are awesome tips. I like to get a bath with neem leaves. I take Tulsi leaves with honey to get rid of cough and cold. Will try your ways too.

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    When it comes to rain, I am not older than any child. Getting wet daily, staying in wet clothes and end up getting ill. These tips will not help only children. These will help this 26 year old child as well. Great post. Cheers!

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