Have you ever observed children when they play with toys? Especially with a doll or action figures or any kind of pretend play. Children are really imaginative and come up with so many ideas while pretend play. At the same time, there is so much that they learn too.

In this age of devices and electronic games, we should make sure that kids get the required time with traditional and simple toys. While these toys seem simple, playing with them teaches children so much more than just an app or electronic device. And online shopping has made it so easy to show your children the different kinds of toys available to choose from and buy the ones they are most attracted to.

Here are some of the important benefits of pretend play

Taking care of their belongings

When kids indulge in pretend play, it generally involves multiple toys, or a set of multiple accessories e.g doll and clothes with fashion accessories, doctor kit etc.  So, along with playing, they learn how to handle so many accessories, sort them, arrange them in order and also while cleaning up making sure that everything is in place.

Imagination and storytelling

Pretend play allows a child to become anything they want. From their favorite fairy tale character to a superhero to something they want to do when they grow up. They create different scenarios in their minds as well as aloud while playing and their creative juices are in flow. If this is done with a bunch of friends, the story takes so many twists and turns. Just watch silently as they play and you will be amazed at their creativity and story creating abilities.

To share and work as a team

Pretend play is often with a group of friends or siblings and here they are learning how group dynamics work. From starting to share their favorite toys to assigning or dividing activities, to solving disagreements, to taking turns, they are unknowingly picking all these skills.

Self-confidence and language development

While the children are in their own imaginative space, through their stories they are able to become whoever they wish to. There are no restrictions on their thoughts and this is the initial seed of self-confidence that gets planted in their minds. Also while they are creating the stories in their minds, they also say them aloud often and it is wonderful to see how their language abilities develop too.

Problem-Solving skills

As pretend play often involves setting up, creating and building their space, they would have to make small decisions like should this accessory be placed here or there. Things like not having certain accessories or toys and having to use something else instead of what they need or who goes first and what sequence to follow. All these small decisions help in their problem-solving abilities.

Thus with simple toys, a doll, play sets or even your own kitchen utensils, it is easy to help your children build their imaginations and achieve the benefits of pretend play. I found this really nice dolls and pretend play sets while indulging in some online shopping. So now its super easy to get these at your doorstep and help your kids achieve maximum benefits


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    I have always been involved in pretend play as there were no phones or TV in my home and my dad hated it! Good to know that it is good for kids!

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