The arrival of a baby comes with many many changes. But no matter how much you read about it and talk to people, nothing really prepares you for the coming days. You have to experience it all to understand it.

Healing from the delivery, interrupted sleep cycles, feeding, diaper changing, feed again and change again. And if this was not enough, everyone around – from relatives to sabji walis will all have some or the other advise.

In the midst of all this chaos this one activity will help you to relax and bond with your baby. It will give you some one on one time with her without any interruptions. And this activity is baby massage.

Massaging your baby is a very simple and soothing process. To know the detailed process and some tips and precautions please click here.

There are many benefits of baby massage especially if it’s done by the mother herself. It is not just a mechanical activity but a process that will evolve with time. With time the mother is able to understand the signals from the baby about the particular areas that he or she likes being massaged more and thus a custom made massage routine is established.

Benefits of massage for the baby
  • The most important benefit is that of bonding. The baby understands the mothers touch more and more and the mother is able to figure out what the baby wants. She is able to understand each cooing sound or gesture the baby makes.
  • It promotes better sleep for the baby. This I say from personal experience, both my babies enjoyed their afternoon sleep after massage, bath and a good swaddle. This helped me get some “me” time too.
    It helps the baby become aware of her body. While each part is being massaged, the different strokes and pressure applied helps them.
  • It improves the skin of the baby. Oils and creams used help. For the afternoon I used coloured oils depending on the weather and for the night I used baby lotion.
  • Massage also helps in improving the blood circulation.
  • It helps the baby to relax. Just like adults, even babies feel relaxed after a good massage.
  • It helps in digestion and reduces colic.



Benefits of massage for the parent
  • Again, the most important benefit for the parent too is of bonding with your baby.
  • It helps the parent to understand and respond to your baby’s cues.
  • It gives the parent one on one time with the baby where they can sing, talk and relax with the baby.
  • It helps the parent to handle and carry the baby especially if it is a first baby. Generally with the first kid parents are a little worried about being able to carry the baby correctly and with ease. Daily massage helps you gain confidence since you start understanding your baby and the baby knows your touch better.
  • It also sets a routine for the baby thus setting a routine for the parents too.

The first time I started massaging my lil one I was really worried about doing something wrong or hurting my baby. But as I progressed it just started coming very naturally. Looking at my babies respond to my touch and being able to understand their expressions was an amazing feeling. It is a very simple activity with so many benefits, really worth giving it a try.

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