One of the initial feelings of motherhood sinking in and realizing that you can feel so strongly for someone else came to me during the first vaccination for my baby. Just a couple of days out of the hospital and taking her for the first vaccine was a very emotional experience. Knowing that small prick will be so painful but still so essential.

Kids nowadays need to be administered about 15 vaccines. These vaccines are critical to a child’s immune system being prepared for various diseases. Any parent would go above and beyond to keep their child healthy and safe from diseases. Vaccinations are key to keeping your child safe.

Another important thing that comes with vaccination, is knowing and understanding it. Especially since there are so many views, myths and misconceptions around vaccination, doing our groundwork and talking to trusted doctors is very important. While researching, my trusted source of information has been the WHO – World Health Organization’s official website due to all the research that goes behind any information published.

Preservative-free vaccines

One of the important aspects while selecting a vaccine is whether to choose the single dose vial or the multi dose vial. Single dose vials are the vaccines that are preservative-free.

Why preservative-free vaccines?

As we all know, preservatives in any form should be generally avoided. For example, even when we have to choose between canned juice or fresh juice, the fresh juice is always preferred. Similarly, we do not opt for ready to cook preserved foods as long as the option of cooking fresh food is available. We also follow the same thing when choosing cosmetics, creams, shampoos etc. The more natural and preservative free, the better and safer.

Going by the same logic, even without knowing too much, it is obvious that the preservative-free vaccines would be a better option as against the ones with the preservatives.

Vaccines need preservatives to inhibit growth of bacterial and fungal contaminants, which may be introduced during repeated use of a multi-dose vial.

So, a solution is to avoid multiple dose vials when possible. This will take away the problem of vaccines with preservatives. Multi use vaccines need preservatives so that they can stay over many days of administration.

Next time you visit your doctor to administer your kids vaccine, make sure to ask if there is an option available to administer a single dose vial instead.

When we opt for things for our kids, we like to look at multiple options. Only then do we usually end up making a choice. Vaccines are no different, it’s always good to learn more before administering vaccines to our children.

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