Blogging for me has been a wonderful journey. What started as space to save and share tips with a small bunch of friends, has now become site visited by some wonderful readers and followers. From a small-time blogger to an influencer, this journey teaches me so much every day.

Through this journey, I have also participated in some fun-filled group activities, blog trains, the #Myfriendalexa campaign and have met many wonderful like-minded bloggers, some of who are now dear friends too. Participating in these activities gave me a fresh perspective as well as an understanding of the blogger community.

The A to Z challenge

When I heard about the A to Z challenge, even without knowing the details I knew I wanted to be a part of it. This challenge involves blogging daily for the entire month of April except for Sundays, each day with a letter of the alphabet in sequence. Since April has 26 days without counting Sundays, we will cover all letters of the Alphabet ā€“ hence the name.

Advantages of the A to Z Challenge

  • This challenge involves writing and posting daily and Iā€™m sure this is going to help me improve my discipline
  • I have always been a checklist and planning person, but this challenge is definitely going to help me improve and better these skills as well
  • Scheduling posts is something I have struggled with and I am hoping I am able to get this system set too
  • We have already started networking with the veterans of this challenge and it is really an amazing experience

I am sure this is just a beginning and there is lots more in store, that we shall discover once we plunge into the actual activities

Theme reveal – Tips to a happier and healthier family

This being my first writing challenge, I have chosen the theme for my posts to be something I am well versed with and is close to my heart.

Signing off now and looking forward to a busy month full of fun, activities, networking and most of all WRITING šŸ˜Š

About Author

I am a stay at home mom, having worked in the software technology services space for over 10 years. In my professional life I used to enforce quality standards like CMMi & Six Sigma to make developers and testers jobs easier & process oriented.In my current stint I am using similar techniques coupled with age old wisdom from my mom and grand mom to make our living healthier and medicine free. To start any new stint it helps if you read and train and so I got myself a diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai.

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