In the consumer age dominated by media, the idea of family time often refers to spending hours at a shopping mall or staring mindlessly at the TV. While this might not seem like such a big deal, it can actually create a gap between family members, causing parents and children to become less affectionate towards each other. Thus, it’s essential that you engage as a family in activities that will strengthen your bond, help you nurture an open and caring relationship and contribute to your general well-being. In addition, promoting exercise through family activities will inspire your children to be more active and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Here are five engaging family-friendly activities that will improve your and your children’s health and ensure that you have a whale of a time together.


Gardening is a fun kid-friendly activity that will help you bond with each other while reconnecting with nature. Not only will your children spend a lot of time outside and work their muscles while planting seeds, but they will also become more responsible individuals. In addition, family gardening will provide you with an educational opportunity to teach your children more about different plant species, gardening techniques, and the environment.

The best way to get your children excited and enthusiastic about gardening is to involve them from the very beginning. Start by talking about plants and their importance for the environment. Afterward, you can go to a gardening store and let your little ones choose the seeds they will plant. Once you’ve planted the seeds, remind your children to check and water their plants regularly. To spice things up, you can even organize plant racing – the family member whose plant grows the fastest is the winner. However, if you go with this family competition, make sure to pick the same seeds and dirt to ensure that all the plants are grown in the same conditions.

Family cycling

Family cycling is always a great choice for spending quality time together. Not only will you be able to explore different areas together, but you’ll also reap the health benefits of cycling, including muscle and strength building, cardio workout, weight control, etc. By going on family bike rides and demonstrating the importance of exercise, you and your spouse will be positive role models for your children. Cycling is one of the best family-friendly activities that will boost your health and help you bond. After pedaling for a while, you can stop to rest, explore the region and soak in the beautiful scenery.

Including the youngest

If you’ve recently had a new-born join your family, it’s important that you include them in your family activities. Although they’re still young and may not be aware so much of the world around them, gathering your entire family together will help your older children bond with your new family member and eliminate possible jealousy. You can go hiking, have a picnic or spend some time in a nearby park. Since you’ll be walking for a while, it’s important that you bring a comfy baby carrier that will keep your baby close and secure and your hands-free to take care of your other children. In addition, bring some healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep your little ones hydrated and energized.

Kite flying

Don’t let a windy day force you to stay at home. You and your children can spend it outside flying kites and run around at a beach or lovely green meadow. The best thing about kite flying is that you can have fun even before going outside. You and your children can test your crafts skill by making the kites yourselves. By letting your kids make their own kites, they will get even more excited about flying them and you’ll be able to spend quality time together in the process. There’s plenty of kite crafts online that you can try – all you need to do is gather the supplies and follow the instructions. Once you’ve finished, you should head outside and test your kites. You can even use this opportunity to teach your children about the way wind affects how high their kites will fly.

Rock climbing

If your family is ready for a challenge, perhaps you should try something a bit more different. One of the best and most exciting ways your family can get one heck of a workout is climbing an amazing indoor rock wall. Not only will rock climbing strengthen your muscles, but it will also enhance your and your children’s problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination by forcing you to find the best route to get to the top. Furthermore, conquering a rock wall will boost your children’s self-esteem and, before you know it, you’ll be challenging yourselves to the next level.

Hide and seek

As one of the most popular games among children, hide and seek is always a great choice for a family activity. Your children will get a lot of cardio workout by running around and have fun doing it. You can even let them hide both inside and outside the house to make it more fun and challenging, but make sure to set some ground rules to ensure their safety.

Family activities that promote exercise are the perfect choice for spending time with your children. Not only will you motivate them to be more active, but you’ll also bond in a healthy and fun way.

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    A great variety of ideas.. most of them i have tried at some point and always been successful in having a great time with my daughter. The one suggestion i would avoid is the kite flying.. too many birds get hurt in the process.

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    A very good write up with some easy solutions to bond with kids! A must read for all moms, who wish to keep the gadgets away from kids and themselves. Do check out my parenting blog for similar stories as well. Will be happy to connect with like minded moms

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    Amazing activities, Cycling and gardening are something really close our family practises. We love Kite flying to, but that happens usually in January around republic day only.

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    I loved the point of including a new-born or infant in our outings. Soon I’d be cradling a new-born I would definitely keep this in mind. Though, my daughter is very smart and empathetic I would want her to grow the sibling bond from the very first day she sees the baby. Gosh, it’s a lil worrisome too, considering that as I’ve heard the older kids don’t take their new-born sibling with open arms. 🙁 Fingers crossed.

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    Papri Ganguly on

    You have shared some nice and healthy activities that can enjoy with family. Hide and seek is my personal favorite game.

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