When it comes to our children, all parents always want the best for them, in every way. Right from choosing the doctors for the delivery, to the child doctor, to selecting the cot, clothes, and all the baby essentials. All parents try their best to find out all the details and get trusted opinions before making any decision.

When it comes to products for my kids’ hygiene, I always have a sanitizer and wet wipes with me all the time. A set at home, one for the car and one in the purse 😊 So while choosing these products I need to make sure that they are not very strong or loaded with chemicals, especially due to the high usage.

A while ago, I heard very positive reviews about Mother Sparsh wet wipes and parents of even newborn and toddlers were raving about how gentle they are on the baby’s skin. For my first child, using wet wipes for the diaper area just didn’t work out for me since the moment I would even use a wipe even once, she would get a rash. So, I had actually made DIY wipes at home from a fine muslin cloth and used it with water to wipe her and dispose of the cloth. But this used to be a bit inconvenient while traveling etc. So when I heard the tagline “98% water wipes”, I was very curious and wanted to give it a try.

Here are my views on why all mothers should definitely try these water-based baby wet wipes.

The material of the wipe

These wipes are thicker than the regular wet wipes that we normally use. They are very soft and gentle to touch, not at all plasticky and feel just like cloth. These are polyester free baby wipes made from skin friendly natural plant-based fabric.

Ingredients used

Mother Sparsh wipes are made with 98% water and have the goodness of Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerin, Hydrogenated castor oil, Jojoba Oil, Lactic Acid. These are good for the baby’s skin and keep it moisturized.

Thus, being free from any harmful ingredients like Alcohol & Parabens, these are totally safe and gentle to be used for babies.

Dermatologically tested

These wipes are dermatologically tested as mild and gentle on baby skin and clinically proven effective in preventing allergy, redness & rashes. These are Hypoallergenic, and pH balanced water wipes thus reduce the chances of ay rashes.


These wipes, being made from natural plant-based fabric, are fully biodegradable. Knowing how frequently we moms use wipes, it is a great feeling to know that we are not polluting the environment and adding to the already increasing plastic pollution.


Having all the goodness, these wipes do not pinch the pocket either. Available for Rs 138 for a pack of 80 wipes, you can easily get them from Amazon or any other baby product website.

Products from Amazon.in

Do give these 98% water based wipes a try at least ones coz I feel they have been successful in providing convenience over traditional style of cleaning, but keeping the traditional method and ingredients in mind

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