Cold and cough are one of the most common infections that infants and kids catch.  With monsoon and climate changes, chances of catching an infection are much higher. Kids get cold quite often because their immune system is still not mature. Every bout of cold will make their immune system stronger against cold viruses. On an average, kids catch cold 6-8 times a year. Most colds clear up within 1 week, but some last for as long as 2 weeks
Most doctors do not prescribe any medicines for regular colds, as they want the immune system to build up its own resistance.
These few home remedies will help in providing relief to the children when they catch a cold. These remedies will help to reduce the discomfort caused by cold and would help also in fastening the process of eliminating the cold.

These remedies can be used for infants as well and are effective for children of all age groups.

Nutmeg powder application   

jaiphalRub nutmeg on a flat grinding stone while adding few drops of water until it forms a smooth paste. Heat this paste for a couple of minutes. Apply this warm paste on your baby’s forehead, chest, back and soles of the feet. Make sure it is not too hot but it needs to be warm while applying. Immediately cover the chest and back with their regular clothes.
Jaiphal contain a compound called myristicin, which helps clear the respiratory passage and provides instant relief.
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Ajwain potli

ajwain potliiiRoast around 3 tbsp of Ajwain (aka carom seeds/ ova) for 5-7 mins on a pan. Tie this hot ajwain in a muslin cloth and the dab it on the chest.  Make sure that it is not too hot. I generally make the potli using  a muslin cloth with a double layer initially and then remove one layer as the seeds get colder. This way I am able to do the hot fomentation for a longer duration.
The thymol, present in ajwain gives it the antimicrobial properties and thus helps to relieve congestion.
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Camphor with mustard oil

Take a camphor tablet and crush it. To this, camphore-250x250add about ½ tsp of mustard oil (less or more depending on the size of the camphor tablet) enough to make a paste consistency.  Mix it well until the camphor dissolves and apply this paste t o the spine and the soles of the feet.  

Instead of plain mustard oil you can also heat some ajwain in the mustard oil and use it for faster relief.

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Saffron and honey

saffron n honeyRoast 3-4 strands of saffron and powder it. I normally put these strands on a small spoon and keep the spoon directly over the flame. The moment the saffron starts changing colour, take it off teh flame. Using the fingers crush the saffron into a powder. To this add a tbsp of honey and mix well. This can be had directly just like a syrup.

One tbsp of this can be given to a child of 2years up. Below that you can start with one tsp and gradually increase the dosage. This can be given upto 2-3 times a day.

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Cloves and honey

3100_Clove-Whole-Powder-Big2Similar to saffron, roast one clove and powder it. To this add honey, mix well and have it like a syrup. The dosage of this and frequency is same as that of saffron and honey. Cloves take longer to roast and powder than saffron, so to make it easy I keep roasted clove powder ready at home so i just take a pinch of the powder, add it to honey and give it to the kids.

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Besides these remedies regular steaming and dabbing drops of eucalyptus oil on the clothes of the children also soothes them and provides relief from congestion

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    I was in dire need of these tips as I am myself struggling at home to take care of cold of my daughter. Will use some of these immediately. Loved the image that you have used on top with tissue paper. It couldn’t have been any better to describe the cold. 🙂

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    Very apt remedies. Rather than rushing to doctors and giving medicines, I too try and use home remedies. Putting one drop of mustard oil in each nostril while the kid is sleeping and rubbing oil in the sole is effective as well

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